10 Mysterious Facts That Prove The World Is One Crazy Place To Live In

These 10 curiosities will surely open up your mind about the we live in.

Posted on: October 19, 2017

10 Mysterious Facts That Prove The World Is One Crazy Place To Live In

Prepare to have everything you believed to be true completely challenged. From a physicist that could have been president, to the preserved bodies of saints, some of these long-forgotten secrets will completely blow your mind.


E = MC President BBC

Of all the things you thought you knew about Albert Einstein, you’ll probably be shocked to learn that he turned down the Prime Minister of Israel’s offer to become president of his country. But, in the end we lucked out, cause his equations and discoveries have changed our world forevermore.


The Dangers of Incest Independent

Incest may be one of the world’s most popular taboo. But for some ancient Egyptian rulers, incest was a way of life. In fact, royal families were expected to marry within the family. But it didn’t come without consequences. Just ask King Tut, who suffered from severe health issues because his parents were, actually, brother and sister.


Hitchcock’s Dream Tumblr

The Argentavis, one of the largest bird in the world was found in Argentina with a wingspan of 5.09-6.07 meters, and a height of 2 meters! If Alfred Hitchcock had found it earlier, he could have used it for his creepy movie “The Birds”.


Rise and Shine BBC

Everyone who has had to wake up early for work knows how awesome the snooze button really is. But way before it was invented, you couldn’t get away with those extra 5 minutes of sleep because there was a profession known as the knocker-uppers. These people would knock on windows from outside the house using a stick to wake people up. Snooze that!


Beauty is Pain The Kiwi Has Landed

The Chinese are known for their discipline, but binding your feet at an early age so that they don’t grow is taking it to a whole new level. That’s what women used to do in China since small feet were considered beautiful and feminine.


Stalin Erased People Vintag

Long before Photoshop came into the picture, (no pun intended), and made everyone look like someone they’re not, there was Stalin. The Former Soviet leader insisted that people who had gone missing or were found dead be removed from photos, essentially erasing them from history.


Incorruptibles Saints Pinterest

It turns out that if you’re holy, your body may not decompose. According to some, saints like Saint Cecilia, who has been resting peacefully since 177 AD, do not decompose after death, which many believe is a sign of holy intervention.


H Marks the Spot Notey

The inscription on The Shepherd’s Monument in Staffordshire, England, has an H, which is the Greek letter X, meaning messiah. This could indicate the location of the Holy Grail which has evaded archaeologists for centuries. Now where’s Indiana Jones when you need him?


The Mummy Returns Taringa

In 1833, an outbreak of Cholera ran rampant in Guanajuato, Mexico. The bodies, which were naturally preserved appear to have a horrified look on their faces, which may indicate that these people were buried alive to control the outbreak.


A Spoonful of Heroin Nmws

In the late 1890s, Bayer, a German drug company, who would become famous across the world, not only sold aspirin, but heroin as well to control coughs and anything else that might have ailed you. At the time it was considered to be the perfect substitute for morphine. Now that’s so dope!