A Photographer Traveled To New Zealand In a Gandalf Costume, Went Viral And Became Our Hero

Take a virtual tour of New Zealand through this creative photographer's Gandalf costume photos.

Posted on: April 26, 2017

A Photographer Traveled To New Zealand In a Gandalf Costume, Went Viral And Became Our Hero

Famous for being the shooting location of Lord of the Rings, New Zealand stands out for its stunning landscapes. A huge fan of the trilogy, Akhil Suhas is a photographer who decided to travel to NZ and take amazing pictures of the views that left him in awe. He wanted his photos to stand out as much as possible, so he packed a Gandalf costume to see what he could come up with. Take a virtual tour of the island through this photographer’s eyes and see what all the fuss is about.


Lord Of The Photos BoredPanda

After graduating college, Indian photographer Akhil Suhas planned a 6-month trip across New Zealand. Besides his camera and tripod, Akhil packed a Gandalf costume with the idea of using it while taking his photos.


Out Of Middle Earth Shareably

The movie LOTR gives us a sneak peak of the beauty behind New Zealand—or modern-day Middle Earth, a fictional setting where the movie takes place. Akhil decided to explore it as well as Gandalf does in the movies.


Themed Journey PetaPixel

Akhil did not want to settle for regular landscape photos, so he set out to create a themed portfolio with a recurring theme. With #GandalftheGuide under each photo, he explored over 9,000 miles to take the perfect pictures.


Selfie Gandalf Instagram

After putting on the costume, this photographer in disguise would set his camera on a tripod for a selfie landscape picture. He wasn’t really convinced about these selfie sessions, so he changed plans.


Where's Gandalf? Instagram

Akhil started asking people around him to pose for his photos—yes, wearing the costume! And yes, they all agreed. Akhil now didn’t have to worry about setting a timer and could actually focus on the quality of his pictures.


In Perspective Instagram

Akhil used a small-person-big-landscape theme for his shots because he wanted them to have a unique perspective. This was a great way to actually show the beautiful scenery in New Zealand.


Follow The Wizard Instagram

Suhas obviously posted his pictures on Instagram, gaining 5,000 followers in a jiffy. People were amazed to see this wizard giving the pictures a creative scale and focus.


Funding The Solution Instagram

This 6-month project wasn’t gonna be cheap, so Suhas funded it by occasionally working in hostels. Also, he traveled in a station-wagon with a mattress in the back, where he would sleep to save money on lodging.


Lasting Memories Instagram

At first, Akhil was a bit reluctant about spending all that money on this trip, given that he still had to pay off student loans and bills. However, he convinced himself he had his whole life ahead of him and these lasting memories were more important than material things.


Achievement Unlocked Instagram

This Indian photographer’s main objective was to create a portfolio that would stand out from the rest—and oh boy it did! Hopefully his unique idea will inspire other photographers to take a costume with them on their next photo shoot.