A Woman Was In An Abusive Relationship, So She Decided To Let The Whole World Know How She Got Out

Woman shares skin crawling texts from her abusive husband.

Posted on: May 05, 2017

A Woman Was In An Abusive Relationship, So She Decided To Let The Whole World Know How She Got Out

Leaving an abusive husband is almost as tough as confiding in someone that it’s actually happening. But an Imgur user by the name of Krissykross, took screenshots of her sexually, physically, and emotionally abusive ex-husband’s texts and posted them as a cautionary tale to anyone trapped in the same situation. If you ever wanted to know what it was really like to go through an abusive relationship and live to tell the story, then you need to check out her post.


Who Are You With? Bored Panda

It seems that Krissykross’s husband, Adam, was under the mistaken impression that marrying her meant that he owned her. She couldn’t even enjoy a nice lunch without being bombarded by texts from him wanting to know what she was doing every minute of every hour.


You're Lying To Me Imgur

As if harassing her at work wasn’t bad enough, she also had to deal with Adam’s insane jealousy over one of her fellow co-workers. Clearly, there’s no love or marriage without trust.


You're Cheating On Me Imgur

Krissykross tried to explain to her husband that Tony was just a co-worker who helped her change a tire on time, and somehow that was enough of a reason to make Adam think she was sleeping around. When it comes to abusive relationships, a controlling, dominating partner will always try to find reasons to start a fight. It is not you, or Krissykross. It’s them.


I Set Traps Imgur

What’s worse was that Adam clearly abused Krissykross physically as well as emotionally, but he obviously has an issue fessing up to it to her family and friends.


He's A Biter Imgur

When Krissykross made a rare visit to her mom’s house, she noticed a huge bruise on her arm from when Adam had bitten her and left teeth marks. Fortunately, those marks lasted long enough to turn her no-so trusting husband in a few weeks later, as she tells on her Imgur post. Still, he was really worried about her being where she claimed she was staying, so he asked for proof of her whereabouts. Classic traits of a sociopath.


Don't Come Home Imgur

If the physical abuse wasn’t bad enough, Adam seemed to think that he spoke for all of Washington when he told Krissykross that she wasn’t welcome there for being so smug about her alleged betrayal.


Jekyll And Hyde Tumblr

Krissykross claims that Adam was actually a good man until she lost weight and got a job. Suddenly, Dr. Jekyll turned into a real Mr. Hyde, who didn’t trust his wife.


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Not only was Krissykross hit, but she was also sexually assaulted by Adam, and he carried a Beretta M9 with him that terrified her, but not nearly as much as getting punched and having her head slammed.


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Krissykross finally got the courage to leave Adam after he hurt her dog and kitten. That’s when she packed a bag, hid at a co-worker’s house and called the cops. He wound up charged with a handful of misdemeanors and two felonies and served 8 months in jail.


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Three years passed since Krissykross left her husband and she’s doing great. She hopes her post will help other women because at least 3 women are killed by their partners every day. So if you’re in an abusive relationship, call the National Domestic Violence hotline or reach out to cops immediately. Never keep this to yourself. Talking to someone will help you tremendously, as you need to keep friends and family closer than ever in order to be able to even fathom leaving your abuser. Life begins the day you decide enough is enough, but if you do it, you need to have a plan and people who love you by your side.