Adorably Cute Dad-Daughter Pictures Playing Dress Up

This dynamic duo has taken costumes to a whole new level.

Posted on: July 08, 2017

Adorably Cute Dad-Daughter Pictures Playing Dress Up

Sholom Ber Solomon is not just another regular 36-year-old dad from California. Father of adorable 9-month-old daughter Zoe, Sholom loves to play dress-up with his adorable baby girl. They not only wear matching costumes in hilarious scenarios, but they also pose for pictures that have already gone viral. Check out these incredible dad-daughter shots of them wearing some of the most hilarious costumes.


Licence and Registration Hk01

Father in disguise, Sholom is wearing a costume to role play as an officer with her baby Zoe. The shot shows the duo on a pull over and Zoe getting a ticket—but a cute face like that can sure let you go with just a warning.


Nat-Geoing It BlazePress

Out on a hunting spree, the adorable duo just created the perfect jungle scenario by throwing in some binoculars, a hunting hat, and a teddy bear tiger. Zoe the explorer goes on this fun adventure next to his dad, and puts on the most tender smile for the picture.


Gnomies Am730

Garden gnomes might look cute on a house front yard, but this baby gnome wins all house decoration awards. At first glance, you might miss baby Zoe from the picture because it is all so perfectly well put together.


Aloha! Am730

They say all your rhythm is in your hips, and dad Sholom really knows how to put his to good use. With a classic coconut bikini top and a Hula skirt, he successfully captures the true essence of being Hawaiian.


Coloring Inside the Lines Honey Nine

Most children will most likely color outside the lines of figures in a coloring book, but this dad does so perfectly. He managed to take an adorable picture surrounded by so many colors and the happiest look on his baby girl.


Baby-Licking Good PopSugar

In this picture, Zoe has become her dad’s perfect little nugget—like, for real. The Colonel would be happy to see such wonderful rendition of his renowned popcorn chicken; that’s good advertising, right there.


Smile and Plié! Sohu

This courageous dad is not afraid of being ridiculed, so he decided to wear a ballerina costume—yes, both are wearing tutus, amazing. We still can’t decide who has the best face in this picture: the father who is so into his character, or the daughter who just sits there in awe.


Pop the Bubble RedeTV

OMG, why is there so much soap and so many bubbles? Wait, this is DETERGENT, not soap—oops! Anyways, this dad’s clumsiness rewards us with the most adorable shot of Zoe in the water—at least she’s going to bed clean.


Hide and Seek Kenh14

Most dads hate playing hide and seek with their kids, but that’s definitely not the case for Sholom. He stepped up his hide-and-seek game by camouflaging his face and surprising his baby from behind the couch—smart move.


Babyng Cookies Honey Nine

What’s better than baking cookies? Baking cookies with your dad in a weird costume! Zoe is definitely going to love looking through these pictures when she grows older; maybe she can start her own mother-daughter photo shoot—why not?