Allergic To Dust? Or Just Plain Dirty? Get Rid Of Computer Dust Forever With These Easy Hacks

Remove dust from your computer like a pro with these easy tips.

Posted on: May 24, 2017

Allergic To Dust? Or Just Plain Dirty? Get Rid Of Computer Dust Forever With These Easy Hacks

Just like most objects you own, your computer needs a cleaning session every once in awhile. With so many compartments and pieces here and there, it’s easy for dust to accumulate. Aside from removing built-up dust, you should keep everything clean to prevent your computer from overheating or malfunctioning. Check out these easy-to-follow hacks to keep your computer dust-free.


Blow Off Some Dust Tarbija24

Keyboards are such hard-to-reach parts of your computer that you might feel unmotivated to clean them. Heads up, slackers: your hair-blow dryer can do all the hard work for you. Also use it to remove dust from a system unit—just remember to unplug everything and use cold air only.


A Clean Screen Dust-Off

First things first: your monitor is probably the easiest place to start. You might be tempted to use paper towels, but they will cause a larger mess than they will help clean up. Resort to microfiber cloths as they will not leave stains or scratches on your screen, and will absorb dust easily.


A Case of Cleaning Saludfacilisimo

Your computer case accumulates a lot of dust, and you should always keep it clean because it protects every piece of hardware inside. Avoid alcohol, ammonia, or acetone-based products because they’re aggressive and can remove its paint. Try to moisten a cloth in a homemade vinegar wash for easy and effective cleaning instead. I know, I know. You’re so welcome!


Start from Scratch Mpala

Want your computer to look as good as new? Toothpaste is your best ally when it comes to removing scratches, which add years to your computer. Apply any toothpaste—except gel or whitening pastes—over the scratch using a cotton swab, let it dry and wipe clean with a moisten cloth.


A Brilliant Bulb Postila

Go out there and get yourself a rubber bulb syringe—no, it has nothing to do with kids and mucus. Radiators and system unit fans are other places you should definitely clean up. They’re so hard to reach, so you can rely on a bulb syringe to help you blow dust from there.


Vacuum It Out Amazon

As we mentioned before, hard-to-reach places like keyboards, system units and speakers are extremely hard to clean. Next time you’re vacuuming the house, set aside some time to dust these computer items using the tube accessory of your vacuum cleaner.


As Cute as a Button Parsnaz

Your keyboard and mouse buttons get stains with time, so it’s important to clean them often. Vinegar gets in the picture yet again: mix it with water and use that to moisten a microfiber cloth. Cover any wide thin tool with it and pass it over your buttons to recover their original clean look.


Key-brush Howtogeek

Give your toothbrush a break from such a horrible daily job and use it to clean your keyboard or other hard-to-reach places thoroughly. Remember to unplug your keyboard just in case before starting and opt for a soft-bristled toothbrush. You can even try to pry open each key for a deeper cleaning sesh.


Play-Duh Blog.Shoplet

You probably had a lot of fun playing with play dough while you were a kid, but did you know that this gooey stuff can help you clean your keyboard? Thanks to its sticky texture, place it in between your keys to remove food crumbs—yes, we know you eat at your desk—and any other dirt that might have gotten in the way.


Trust the Pros Pchulpexpert

It’s important to know that you should manipulate with extreme care each computer part. These tips are great to remove the common dust, but if you feel you might break anything while you’re at it, remember you can always call a professional to help you with it—better safe than sorry.