Are You a Believer? Even The Biggest Skeptics Would Be Shocked By These Real Life Alien Abduction Stories

Is the truth out there? Read these testimonies and see if these change your mind, or convince you there's life out there.

Posted on: July 11, 2017

Are You a Believer? Even The Biggest Skeptics Would Be Shocked By These Real Life Alien Abduction Stories

Alien abduction stories have been around for ages and ages, and Hollywood’s fascination with these beings from outer space made them even more popular among us. No matter where you fall on the two sides of the fence, these stories have real names and dates attached to them, and the people who lived them still swear by their authenticity. Do you believe there are green little creatures waving from other planets? Or do you think it’s just a matter of mass hysteria? 


Alleyway Abduction Masticentral

The year was 1980. Helen Thomas and her mother Carol set off from work when they heard a humming sound above them. They were blinded by a light and when they came to their senses they felt dizzy and wet. Several hours had passed by after they arrived to their jobs. After days went by they started to recall horrendous experiments the aliens had done to them. Reality is stranger than fiction, or so they say, huh?


BBQ: A Magnet for Aliens? Hablemos De Misterio

What presented itself as a fun, barbecue night turned into major hell after friends saw an unusual disc-shaped object hanging above them. They lost control of the time and started feeling unwell only to realize nine minutes had passed out of nowhere. The days after, they all did hypnotic regression and told the same story of abduction. But do you think it was all a con, or they actually went through an otherworldly experience? 


Abducted Since Birth BuzzFeed

Tracey Jones had always been surrounded by what seemed to be paranormal activity, (we can already feel skeptics rolling their eyes) However, after a hypnotic regression she described being abducted since she was young. Be it spirits or aliens her life was surely spooky!


A Family Matter Fogs Movie Reviews

Returning home to Essex in 1974, the Days realized they had arrived more than three hours later than intended and had no recollection of that time. After hypnosis, John, the father, could remember a spaceship and being poked by sharp objects. What a family trip!


A Family Matter Part 2 Arstechnica

The Deverows returned home after one night only to find out they had arrived several hours late. After one of the sons started experiencing weird dreams, Rachel, the mother, decided to undergo hypnosis to find out they had been taken to an alien craft. You can imagine her face when she realized she didn’t just pass out!


Be Careful In The Garden Proof Of Alien

An anonymous woman noticed a strange light while she was hanging out in the garden and, before she could say no, she was risen up and found herself in a room with three otherworldly beings around her. Several hours had passed when she returned and she, of course, had the shocking revelation that she had been kidnapped. 


Decades of Abduction Ort Dunkel

Military veteran Bob Rylance went under hypnotic regression to find out he had been abducted several times, taken into a room and had various experiments performed on him. If he can only find a way to make peace with what happened, he’d make an incredible storyteller at parties!


The A70 Incident Syfy

Imagine driving on the A70 into an intense light, losing track of time and undergoing hypnosis to find out what happened? This is what Garry Wood and Colin Wright had to go through in order to find out that three extraterrestrial beings had stripped them and done experiments on them. Talk about a wild weekend!


The Ilkey Moor Incident Mannais Maya Adventure

Policeman Philip Spencer managed to take a picture of a mysterious figure he saw on a hillside. However, he could not account for three hours that had gone by while he did so. After days went by he could remember being abducted and taken into a medical room.


Pyramids & Aliens Tarotoberin

Sharon from Yorkshire agreed to hypnosis after having several episodes of losing track of time and finding strange marks on her body. In one of her sessions she remembered being abducted at 17 by a spaceship who had Egyptian writings in it and aliens who claimed we should take care of the Pyramids. Could this have been a revelation?