Binder Clips Are a Cool Office Staple, Sure, But They Have Hidden Uses That Could Completely Change Your Life

Some of these binder clip hacks are of so damn obvious, you'll be smacking your face, wondering why you didn't know this sooner!

Posted on: August 19, 2017

Binder Clips Are a Cool Office Staple, Sure, But They Have Hidden Uses That Could Completely Change Your Life

From organizing cords to helping out with stuff in our fridge, binder clips have proven that they are far from just being a classic office staple. If you only use binder clips to hold pages together, then you sir, (or mam) are completely missing out! The uses are endless, so don’t be afraid to come up with your very own binder clip hacks. 


Razor Protection ShtfSurvivalSecrets

Ever had to carry razors with you when you go on a trip? It’s so annoying to find out later on that they ruined your clothes or got completely messed up because you threw away the original protective cap. I mean, who keeps those? Luckily, everyone’s got at least 2 or 3 binder clips around the house. By placing the clip over the razor head and folding the legs down you’ll find it extremely easy, (and safe) to carry them with you in your travel bag.


Baggie Clip GoodHouseKeeping

If you’re lost as to what to do with those opened veggie bags you keep in the fridge, you can easily organize them by feeding clips from above through a single wire rack, securing them and hanging the bags with the clips!


Cords Galore! Pinterest

This hack is actually a life saver and will look really artsy as well, so it’s a double win! Clip the binders to the edge of your desk, (or even the computer) with the handles sticking out. Then feed the cords of all your devices through the legs and remember to open up handles for thicker cords.


A Bowl of Yarn Pinterest

Ever wonder where to put the ball of yarn when you’re knitting your next fashionable winter attire? Place the yarn in a bowl, clip to the edge of the bowl and feed the yarn through the legs. You’ll find it extremely comfortable!


Tangled Up: Headphones Edition DailyMail

We all hate having to untangle our earbuds whenever we want to listen to our favorite music on the go. Let’s face it, this is something you’ve dealt with at least once. Well, that stops now. With the simple use of a clip you can put the earbuds through it, wrap the cord around the legs and feed the end with the plug to avoid unraveling and voila, baby!


Keyboard Foot Blog Atoz2u

Your keyboard lacks feet or is faulty? Are you overly stressed due to the lack of balance when you type? Easy does it! Stick the legs of the binder clip where the feet of the keyboard should go and mission accomplished! You can now write your next novel without that annoying ‘clack, clack’ sound.


Tangled Up II: USB Cords Edition MNN

Pretty much the same annoying problem, USB cords love to get tangled up. Problem is, we hate them with a passion but we need them, OH-SO-BAD. What you have to do is neatly wrap the cord,s (remember to untangle) and then clip it all together with a lovely, super useful binder clip. It’s amazing how something so simple can make our lives that much easier!


Sponge Clipping Pinterest

Sponges are bound to just lie in the kitchen or bathroom unless you put them in the clip and place them standing upright. Thank you, whoever came up with this one! You can even match the colors of the binder clips with those of the sponges if you like.


Stack those bottles Pinterest

This awesome hack will look like Monica from Friends organized your fridge! You need to attach two binders, (about 6 inches apart) through two wire racks and then just stack the bottles of water. It will look neat and leave your fridge with more space.


The Classic Toothpaste Surrender Life Hack

We all waste too much toothpaste when it’s almost empty, right? Well, for this one you need to give the toothpaste a roll with a roller pin, then fold it from the end and finally attach the binder clip! You will for sure use all the toothpaste there is without any waste. Take that, economy 101 classes!