Can You Believe Only One Single Person Lives In These Towns Around The World? Stubbornness Took a Whole New Meaning!

You won’t believe these towns exist and the circumstances that led to their population leaving is amazeballs!

Posted on: June 01, 2017

Can You Believe Only One Single Person Lives In These Towns Around The World? Stubbornness Took a Whole New Meaning!

We’ve all felt lonely once. No matter what your relationship status is or if you’re surrounded by thousands of people in your city, things can still get lonely from time to time. But don’t feel bad for it; there are a few people in the world who can literally say they feel lonely every single day. LITERALLY! Check out these towns with a population you can count with one finger.


Jordan River Cbc

Even though this Canadian town near Vancouver has dangerous living conditions, 72-year-old Hugh Pite is the last resident who doesn’t feel threatened by them. Earthquakes and floods are so common in the area that most inhabitants decided to move out, but Hugh seems to be fine with them and won’t move no matter what.


Monowi Hellotravel

This Nebraska town has the word “mono” in its name and it’s not a coincide at all. By the year 2000, only two people were living here: 77-year-old Eiler and her husband Rudy. Since his passing in 2004, Eli has remained as the one and only resident.


Buford Taringa

A man named Don Sammons had moved to this town in Wyoming back in 1980 with his wife and son. A different series of events made him the last standing resident: 1992, he purchased the town; 1995, his wife passed away; 2007, his son moved out. In the end, in 2012 the town was sold to two Vietnamese buyers.


Lost Springs Twitter

It’s no wonder these springs are lost in the middle of nowhere. This town in Wyoming originally had 200 inhabitants, who mostly worked at a nearby coal mine. When it closed, many moved out and by 1960 it had a population of only 5. A 2000 census claimed there was only 1 person living there, though some sources claim there were actually 4.


Villa Epecuen

Along the shores of Epecuen Lake in southern Buenos Aires, Argentina, this town was doing fine until a flood came in 1985. Most of the town was covered in 10 meters of water, driving its inhabitants away. Over time, the water receded and when things improved a little one brave person decided to return: 81-year-old Pablo Novak.


Tomioka Cassiopaea

Located near the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, this town was destroyed by an earthquake and a tsunami in 2011, causing the evacuation of most of its inhabitants. Once the home of around 16,000 people, Naoto Matsumura is now the only remaining resident—he left at one point but couldn’t resist coming back to his roots.


Cass Shababtairdebba

Located on New Zealand’s South Island, Cass is another town with a solo inhabitant. His name is Barrie Drummond and he has been working there for the past 25 years, with no intention of leaving. He is now around 65 and claims he never really felt lonely there.


Weeki Wachee Ziare

This American town doesn’t really have only 1 resident, but 4! The funny thing about this place is that it has more mermaids than actual people. It is famous for having a deep spring, which a businessman used to attract tourism: he built an underwater theater with mermaids as entertainers.


Freeport Mnn

Founded in 1885, this Kansas town used to be the smallest place in America with a bank. In 2009, the bank moved and now its post office is also at risk. All that remains now is around 6 people, a grain elevator and a historical church.


Bonanza Pinterest

Located in Colorado, this mining town was burned out in 1937 and not much remains—except 7 brave residents. With no post office, any street signs, or a single business in sight, this ghost town must have something to keep these people living here.