Cat Gets Her Own Quinceañera Party And It Couldn't Be Prettier

A celebration to prepare Luna the cat for future challenges of cat adulthood.

Posted on: June 16, 2017

Cat Gets Her Own Quinceañera Party And It Couldn't Be Prettier

Most Latin American countries celebrate the passing of girls into maturity in a party known as Quinceañera. The Olavarria family took this celebration to a whole new level when they decided to throw their 15-year-old cat her own party. Food, decorations, cake, balloons, and everything Quinceañera-like was part of Luna’s celebration. Get a glimpse of this cat’s 15th-year-party!


Adopt a Cat Dailymail

The Olavarria family found a wandering kitty on the side of the road and couldn’t help but take her with them. Named Luna, this adorable cat has added tons of love into this family’s day to day after she was adopted.


Year After Year News Clicker

Luna has been part of the Olavarria family for 15 solid years, and she has even outlived most of the family’s pets. Her humans decided to celebrate it like their culture dictates: with a Quinceañera party!


All About Quinceañeras Botasot

This type of party is celebrated for Latina girls who turn 15 as a way to mark their passing into adulthood. The birthday girl wears an extra special dress—usually white—and has her own dance, just like in a wedding.


A Meowy Touch Lajmi

The Olavarrias organized a surprise Quinceañera for Luna, and included everything a party like this should have. Lots of food—tuna for the honored lady—, decorations, cake, balloons and 12 guests. The party went on for 3 hours!


The Purr-fect Party Weidu8

The Olavarrias believe Luna knew exactly what was going on because she behaved super well—unlike most times. She loved all the attention she was getting, but loved her can of tuna she had to herself even more!


The Kitty Dress People

If you thought it was weird for a cat to celebrate a Quinceañera, wait until you see the dress they bought her. Yes, the Olavarrias did everything according to culture: the mom shopped for the perfect dress on Amazon, and it looked amazing!


The Family Rtds

The Olavarria family is living in North Carolina at the moment and they treasure Luna as if she were their daughter. The mom loves throwing parties, so it was only logical to celebrate her beloved cat!


The Planning Tumblr

The mom had all the bases covered for Luna’s big day: invitations a week in advance, a tres leches cake from their favorite bakery, and the proper decoration. There was even a special crown to go with Luna’s dress—no detail was left unattended!


Spoil the Cat Chatlefait Wamiz

If you haven’t noticed until now, let us tell you that Luna is a spoiled cat. She has a bossy attitude towards her humans, and she usually gets what she wants because they find her adorably cute—kuddos to her; she managed to get her own Quinceañera!


Pet Peeves Lovemeow

Some people mock those who celebrate their pets so much, but the Oliveras see Luna as part of their family. They’re not ashamed to throw her a lush Quinceañera party and share their experience with the world—that’s a lucky cat right there!