Celebrities Aren't Born With Great Skin, They Follow These 10 Simple Steps

Think that only celebrities can have great skin? Ha! You couldn't be more wrong!

Posted on: May 04, 2017

Celebrities Aren't Born With Great Skin, They Follow These 10 Simple Steps

You see celebrities looking flawless everywhere they go, and it makes you wonder if they’re naturally born with it, or if they spent millions in skincare products. Besides having access to the best dermatologists, they also follow a great skin routine. Let’s see how easy it is to go from dull to dazzling!


Don’t Be A Panda Eyes Vogue Mexico

Wearing makeup to bed can clog your pores, leaving your skin dull and prone to breakouts. Worse, those dead skin cells can exacerbate fine lines. No matter how sleepy you are after a night on the town, grab a gentle cleanser and wipe yourself off before hitting the pillow. Pass the Kleenex!


Drink To Good Health The Model House

If you’re thirsty, chances are that you’re already dehydrated – and that’s going to show on your face. Regular hydration helps your body detoxify properly and keeps your skin cells supple and radiant. Nutritionists recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day for good health and great skin. Cheers!


Beat The Burn Bel And Beau

We all know the dangers of cancer-causing UV rays – but what you might not know is that just a few minutes in the sun each day can lead to brown spots and wrinkles. Avoid the ageing effect of the sun by dabbing a little sunscreen on your face each day, or use a moisturizer with an SPF. Don’t forget your neck and ears!


Skip The Sunbed Pale Is The New Tan

Think sun beds are safer? Think again! Using a sun bed actually increases the risk of melanoma by a whopping 59 percent. Not only that, sun beds breakdown the collagen in your skin and speed up the ageing process. Save your skin and go for a natural tanning lotion instead.


Hands Off! Shop Sping

Picking pimples or squeezing spots can drive bacteria further into the pores, leading to nasty inflammation and more breakouts. Not a good look! But if you really can’t leave that spot alone, use an ice cube to reduce the redness, then dab it with a drop of salicylic acid and a little concealer.


Feed Your Face DSalud

You are what you eat! Treats are fine every now and then – but a straight diet of sugar is going to show on your face. A youthful glow is made up of vitamins and minerals – so chow down on nutrient-dense foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, lean protein, nuts and seeds every day.


Scrub Yourself Anew – Gently! I Heart Skin

Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week is a great way to remove dead skin cells and reveal a healthy, baby-soft face. It’s almost like having a peel at home! Try a gentle scrub from a good skin care brand, or chemical peel such as glycolic acid or AHA.


Fight The Free Radicals Byrdie

Antioxidant serums aren’t just a passing craze – they’re your skin’s best defense against harmful UV light and other pollutants in the atmosphere. Adding a serum containing vitamins C and E to your skincare routine will help to repair damage and prevent brown spots and fine lines. Bye, bye, suckers!


Shake That Booty! Pinterest

Exercise is not only good for your heart, brain and waistline, but for your skin too. Working out boosts circulation, allowing for cell nourishment and healthy detoxification. Not to mention a rosy glow!


Get Some Zzz’s! The Odyssey Online

There’s a reason it’s called ‘beauty sleep’! Blood flow to the skin is increased while you snooze, allowing for skin cell repair and rejuvenation. No sleep means no repair – and a tired, dull complexion. Try to get at least eight hours’ sleep every night and you’ll wake up to a fresh face every day.