Celebrities Love Their Bodies So Much, They Have Insured These Body Parts For Millions

Famous people have been insuring their body parts for 100 years now. Here are the most bizarre ones!

Posted on: May 03, 2017

Celebrities Love Their Bodies So Much, They Have Insured These Body Parts For Millions

Wait… What? Body parts can be insured? Yes, apparently celebrities don’t know what else to do with all that money. Influenced by the first stars of the big screen, Hollywood celebrities have been insuring their body parts for the past one hundred years or so. From teeth and tongues to even taste buds, here are some of the most shocking body parts ever insured by celebrities.


Teeth Glamour

Known for starring in Ugly Betty, America Ferrera has insured her teeth via the oral hygiene brand Aquafresh. The insurance is somewhere around the 10 million figure, and it’s part of a charity promotion—no wonder she has a wide-open smile in all her pics!


Tongue Wallpapersqq

We all probably remember Miley Cyrus’s controversial performance in the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, where her tongue got the spotlight. Well, after that she decided to insure her precious mucous membrane for nothing less than a million dollars.


Booty Pinterest

Jennifer Lopez is probably best known for her derriere and no wonder! Her voluptuous booty—the one you work so hard at the gym to imitate—has been insured for between $27-300 million. That’s one expensive backside! 


Chest Keyword-suggestions.com

Besides her country music talent, Dolly Parton is also famous for her big 40 DD boobs. She decided to insure them back in 1970 and today they’re worth around four million dollars.


Legs Pinterest

You would think only soccer players could want to insure their legs, but Victoria Secret’s model Heidi Klum has proved us wrong. Her legs are such a big deal to her that she insured them for $2.2 million. The only catch is that her left leg is insured for less because of a scar on the knee.


Whole Body Pinterest

Actor Daniel Craig decided to insure his whole body for $8,000,000. He wanted to do most of the stunts while filming “Quantum of Solance”, so producers had to protect their investment somehow, from head to toes—literally.


Taste Buds Ciekawe.org

With a Hungarian-British inheritance, Egon Ronay is a well-known food critic who has insured his taste buds for $400,000, which translates to over two million dollars today. It kind of makes sense because they’re all he’s famous for.


Voice Salon

Back in the 1980’s, singer Bruce Springsteen has invested what now is worth over $30 million to insure his voice. That’s the same voice that won him 20 Grammy Awards, so we’re not blaming this talented artist for looking after his money maker.


Nose Time Machine to the Twenties

Most people would pay millions to reduce their nose size, but actor Jimmy Durante is so proud about his that he decided to invest them to keep his as is. Worth $140,000 today, Durante seems to have followed his nose on this one and insured the body part he’s most famous for.


Hands Radiorock.uy

Even if you’re not a fan of the Rolling Stones, you probably recognize Keith Richards’ great talent with the guitar. Due to his popularity, his hands are worth millions. Literally. So much so that Keith decided to invest $1.6 million on insuring them.