Celebrities That Had a Secret Twin And Were Hiding It From Us All This Time

These celebs have a twin you never even knew existed.

Posted on: May 25, 2017

Celebrities That Had a Secret Twin And Were Hiding It From Us All This Time

Everything is always better in pairs. Just ask these double fresh, double good celebrities who have a genetic doppelganger. The only thing better than knowing that your favorite celeb exists in this world is the knowledge that there’s also a copycat right around the corner. So prepare to go into major stalking mode and enjoy these spitting images of your favorite celebs.

SHE’S NOT A T-1000

She's Not A T-1000 Ok.ru

No, that really wasn’t a liquid metal double or a split screen in that scene in “Terminator 2”. Linda Hamilton has an identical twin sister named Leslie who appeared as her double in the movie.


Double The Xander Pinterest

Double the fun if you’re a fan of Xander from “Buffy”. Actor Nicholas Brendon has a twin brother named Kelly who often worked as a stand-in for his bro on the set of the popular series.


X-Men 2 Newnownext

It’s easy to get these two confused, but Shawn Ashmore appeared in “X-Men 2” while his twin brother Aaron appeared in “Smallville.” So remember, twice the eye candy, twice the sexiness.


Life's A Twin Mundotkm

Poor Tom Brady! He probably has to keep his hormones in check whenever Gisele Bundchen’s twin sister, Patricia comes over. That’s just too much sexiness for one man to handle. But that’s what you get for marrying a super hot Brazilian model.


Mr. Robot's Twin MoviePilot

Are we seeing double or is this a conspiracy, like the ones often seen on Rami Malek’s hit show “Mr. Robot”? Nope! It’s just Rami and his equally hot twin brother Sami, who is actually a teacher in Los Angeles.


Sweet Valley High CelebMafia

Although Brittany and Cynthia Daniel starred on “Sweet Valley High” together, Cynthia eventually quit acting and is now a photographer. So fortunately for us, we won’t have to overdose on the Daniel sisters on TV.


The Power Of Two Muz1

Benji and Joel Madden proved that when you combine your wonder twin powers, you can make millions. The duo formed a band called Good Charlotte in 1996 and won three MTV Awards, and sold millions of records.


Conjoined Wattpad

Harry and Luke Treadaway made their debut as conjoined twin brothers in “Brothers Of The Head”. During filming, Harry and Luke had to remain connected to each other for 15 hours a day with a harness and even slept in the same bed to simulate the connection.


Comparison Shopping Spletnik

We might enjoy doing a little comparison shopping between Will and Rupert Young, but the twins claim that they’re just tired of being constantly compared to one another. So one decided to be the clever one while the other one decided on being the sporty one.


The Suite Life Huffingtonpost

Dylan and Cole Sprouse may be the cutest twin brothers in Hollywood. Not only did they make waves in “The Suite Life of Zach & Cody” but they also shared the role of Julian in “Big Daddy”. Plus, if one gets sick, the other one can take over… bonus!