DIY Lifehacks For Cat Owners

Save your sanity, and your stuff with these DIY lifehacks from your feline friend.

Posted on: March 06, 2017

DIY Lifehacks For Cat Owners

Save your sanity, and your stuff with these DIY lifehacks from your feline friend.


Modern Scratching Post []( “”)

Simply glue a square of your desired carpet to a piece of wood.  If you line up multiple squares, you can create a work of art using one or multiple types of carpet.  Alternatively, you can use an old mirror or chalkboard.   


No Mess Indoor Cat Garden Pinterest

Fake grass is an inexpensive way to give your cat an indoor resting place without the mess of actual grass.  It’s also modern looking and helps you avoid cat lady status.  


Hidden Litter Box In Ikea Shelving Ikea Hackers Litter Box Life Hack

Litter boxes are messy and unsightly.  Plus they take up much needed space, especially for the urban cat owner.  And we all need more storage.  This life hack uses the Ikea Expedit shelving system with a kitty door that you can purchase from amazon.  If you don’t need shelving and want something smaller, you can use an Ikea Stuva box and make a modern end table.


The Cat Mounted bed []( “”)

This bed can be easily customized based on preference.  Simply go online and choose a based that matches your the look and feel of the desired room.  All you need is a drill, screws (or drywall screws), and a basket.  Make sure to test the basket for cat readiness once it’s on the wall.


Floating Cat Shelves []( “”)

This DIY cat trick is super easy.  Simply select a set of floating shelves that match the desired aesthetic of the room.  Then append a surface (fake grass or carpet are the easiest) to the shelves using the appropriate glue.  And voila, you have surfaces that your cat want to mount.  Space them out so your cat can access the shelves (duh).  And customize as needed.  If your cat likes to feel like more protected, add some sides to the cat shelf.  


Pretty Cat Wands Design Sponge

This one is super easy.  Determine what object your cat likes to play with the most.  Feathers?  Yarn?  Cotton Toy Rat?  Let’s start with the cat pom pom.1. Grab several colors of yarn and thread, and begin wrapping them around your fingers to start a pom-pom (some people like to use forks, which is genius, but I also like to use my hands — either way is fine).2. Once you have all of your yarn wrapped around in loops, remove the whole bunch from your hands a tie a very tight knot (tight as you can get it) around the center of the bunch. I prefer to use the neon string for this task because it is stronger than the soft yarn and won’t break when I pull it really tight.4. Cut a 24″ length of leather cord. Thread a sewing needle with any color thread, and sew the pom-pom to the end of the leather cord.5. Cut an 8″ piece of leather cord and sew a few feathers onto the end of it. Slip on a small lightweight bead (air-dried soft clay would be best because it’s squishy, but a very lightweight wood or plastic bead will work, too).6.  Plug in your glue gun and get to work.  


Cat Mystery Box []( “”)

This hack is by far, the easiest to make (but also the least attractive).  It’s also super cheap.  Simply place a few of your cats fav toys and snacks in a disposable tupper ware container and cut a few holes in the top.  Sit back and watch the hours of ridiculously cute cat amusement.  


Kitty Cat Tipi []( “”)

Cat Tipi Video


Fleece Cat Toy []( “”)

Another super easy cat toy.  Simply pick out a piece of your fav. pattern/color fleece.  Tie it to the end of a rope and hang it up from a wall.  Like the scratching posts, the key here is CUSTOMIZATION!