Dog Reunites with His Owners After They Lost Him 2.5 Years Ago. You Can Only Imagine The Happiness!

Their dog went missing and these owners had lost all hope, but life is full of surprises.

Posted on: June 22, 2017

Dog Reunites with His Owners After They Lost Him 2.5 Years Ago. You Can Only Imagine The Happiness!

If you have a pet, you can understand the strong bond you can acquire with a dog, cat or any other animal in between. Tammy and her husband Thad were happy owners of dog Trixie, which was lost for over two years. Despite suffering for so long, there was a happy ending after all. Read all about this heart-warming reunion story of a lost dog and its owners.


Meet Trixie Wbko

This is the story about a dog named Trixie. Owners Tammy and Thad lived happily with Trixie in their house in Nashville until, one day, he went missing. They lost complete sight of him after he crossed the street, and their happiness disappeared with him.


MIA Paducahsun

Two and a half years passed by and there were still no news about Trixie. Tammy even suspected that their dog had been stolen; they had lost all hope after so much waiting.


No News Is Good News Liftable

But one fateful day, Tammy and Thad received a letter from a veterinarian in California. The news were unexpected: he had found Trixie alone in a Walmart parking lot!


Dog on a Plane Shareably

The vet and Trixie’s owners made arrangements to take their dog home safe and sound. He had to travel over 2000 miles to reach the Nashville airport in Tennessee.


Fever Pitch Shareably

Tammy waited with anticipation in the baggage area, until she saw Trixie approach her on a dog carrier. She burst into tears because of all the emotions she had been keeping for these 2.5 years.


The Reunion Newschannel5

Airport staff took a while to make sure everything was OK before releasing Trixie, adding anticipation to the reunion. When they actually hugged, Tammy was relieved and overjoyed, and Trixie even licked her face to express his happiness.


Glena the Savior Tennesseestar

The whole reunion was made possible thanks to Glena Jackson, an employee of the Turlock Animal Services where Trixie was taken when found. Glena drove Trixie for two hours to a Sacramento airport to fly back to his family.


Safe and Sound Shareably

Trixie had lost a few pounds, but he was perfectly healthy. He was taken back home to live with his loving owners and his three dog friends. The whole family was reunited and happy again.


Forever Thankful Modbee

Tammy and Thad had recovered their loving dog after two whole years and a 2000-mile journey. They will be forever thankful to all the people who helped them get their puppy back to their lives.


Silver Lining Bgdailynews

Owners Tammy and Thad had already lost hope and never imagined they would actually see Trixie again. This story restores our faith in humanity: thanks to the good deeds of the people who helped, Trixie is back home.