Don't Let Your Gym Buds Lie To You! Check Out These Ridiculous Myths Everyone Believe About Working Out

There's a whole world of misunderstandings when it comes to fitness tips. Check out which are not actually true.

Posted on: May 01, 2017

Don't Let Your Gym Buds Lie To You! Check Out These Ridiculous Myths Everyone Believe About Working Out

Going to the gym might not be the most appealing idea to you. Not only do you have to work out, but also make sure you do it right and follow all the rules so you get the best results without getting hurt. However, there’s one more thing you have to add to that list: check which piece of fitness advice is actually true. To help you out while you work out, here are some fitness myths that have been debunked by top trainers.


That Scale-ated Quickly Toronto Star

Some trainers check your body type and tell you exactly what your weight should be. That’s simply wrong. Everyone is different and you should not rely on a number on a scale to tell if you’re fit and healthy.


Bulk Building The Daily Beast

Most women stay away from heavy lifting in fear that they will bulk up, but this won’t actually happen. Instead, you’ll help your muscles tone up, improve your posture, and increase your metabolism. Unless you go overboard like some of those extreme bodybuilders, of course.


Forever After

Some trainers insist on advising people to join the gym so they can live longer. However, working out will help you live better instead: you will have more energy, more stamina and a stronger body. Better quality of life overall.


Drop It Like It's Squat Youtube

Some people argue that there’s just one way to do a squat or lounge right. In reality this will depend entirely on your fitness goal: you will need one movement to tone your thighs, but a completely different one to simply strengthen the top of them.


Muscle Confusion Theory Youtube

This theory is based on varying your weight training to build more muscles. However, muscles need a routine to measure progress, so that you can add on reps and weight as you improve.


One Level Fits All The Huffington Post

Some classes are advertised to all with the promise it will be for all levels. This is a lie: if you go to an advanced class for the first time, there’s risk of injury and you might not even follow the moves correctly. Just don’t waste your time.


A Morning Person Fitness On Toast

Most trainers motivate you to work out early in the morning, claiming that’s the best time to boost your metabolism and get energy for the whole day. However, the best time to work out is actually when you most feel like working out and when it fits your schedule. What truly makes a difference is that you keep up a routine over time.


One Way Fit AV Club

Don’t believe anyone who claims there’s only one approach to working out. Each body type is different and you should follow a tailored routine for best results.


No Pain, Yes Gain Dr. John Rusin

Some trainers mistakenly advice people to push their limits, but this can turn out to be dangerous. Instead, take things slow and watch your progress. If you push too hard, you might end up hurting yourself and feel like quitting.


Run, Body Fat, Run The Huffington Post

Running is a great cardio exercise, but it’s definitely not the only or best way to lose weight. Walking does it for some, CrossFit will do for others. Each body type will react differently and you shouldn’t run if you hate it or if it hurts your knees.