Ever Wonder What Kids Eat At School Around The World? Spoiler: It's Damn Yummy

What kids eat in Iran is completely different from school lunches everywhere else, and that's what makes it so beautiful.

Posted on: May 29, 2017

Ever Wonder What Kids Eat At School Around The World? Spoiler: It's Damn Yummy

Kids hate going to school, but they sure LOOOVE their lunch break! Whether their parents packed them a quick fix meal, or they bought a menu in the cafeteria, lunchtime is sacred! But did you ever wonder what kids are eating all over the world? From Iran, the UK, to Thailand and Turkey, here are all the goodies these lucky students get to munch on at lunch!


South Korea Huffington Post

South Korea stands out for planning out very well-balanced school meals. The key foods are usually soup and rice, while secondary options range from salads and seafood, to vegetables and fruit—popular dishes include anything from kimchi to octopus or carrot salad.


United Kingdom Instagram

Most schools in the UK tend to offer fast food meals because of their low cost—and, hey, kids love it! Other common servings include fried potatoes, rice porridge, salads, fruits, and a gooey dessert.


United States Longwood

The United States is probably the greatest consumer of fast food, so it’s no wonder school cafeterias over the country serve the exact same thing. Lunch menus often range from French fries, to chicken nuggets, and pizza. Parents who want a healthier version for lunch prepare a lunchbox themselves.


Turkey Taringa

Rye bread. Kefir. Walnuts. Pomegranate. Grapes. Apple. This is probably the most typical school lunch in Turkey—this one is totally prepared at home, BTW. It has to do with using food to increase children’s brainpower. We wouldn’t mind munching on that!


Thailand lajvo

If you had to think about what Thai food looks like, this menu would probably come to mind: sweet and sour pork served with rice and a pudding wrapped in banana leaves. I wish I went to school in Thailand!


France CNN Türk

Lunch in France is one of the main meals of the day; that’s why schools give so much importance to it. Not only do they serve wholesome foods like fish, veggies, bread and—of course—cheese, but they also give students 1-2 hours to take lunch or the option to eat at home.


Finland Uaewomen

Thought this pic is from a fancy restaurant? Wrong. Finland does school lunch right: they offer a self-serve buffet for kids to choose what they want, they can respond to different dietary needs, and food is served in a plate rather than in a cold-hearted school tray.


Hungary VK

School lunch in Hungary is big and complete. Kids are delighted with noodle soup, baked beans with chicken and nuts for dessert. It sounds super filling and nutritious at the same time!


Israel Odorash

Each country serves a staple food, and Israel is no stranger to that. Pita bread is a common food, so you will notice flatbread sandwiches in most school menus. They’re served with fresh fruit, granola bars, and some sweets as dessert.


Russia Amarintv

Brunches seem to be a huge deal in Russia: schools offer free breakfast from 9-12, and any lunch after that is paid. The menu you see in the photo includes sausages, porridge and tea—we’re just not sure which category it falls under, breakfast or lunch?