From Biting Their Nails, To Being Really Addicted To Social Media, These Are Celebrities' Worst Habits

They might be famous, but they’re just as human as you and me.

Posted on: May 25, 2017

From Biting Their Nails, To Being Really Addicted To Social Media, These Are Celebrities' Worst Habits

They’re famous and beautiful, but that doesn’t mean celebrities are perfect. We might think they always look their best or they’re some sort of flawless creatures; but celebrities also have flaws, bad days, and horrible, horrible habits. From biting their nails to smoking, discover some of these bad habits that make them as human as the next guy.


Gnawing Nails Jenite

What do Britney Spears and Olivia Wilde have in common—besides being famous, of course? They both have an oral compulsive habit: they bite their nails. They try to control it but sometimes they can’t really help it—they get nervous too, you know? Being in the limelight and all!


Biting Lips and Cheeks Milliyet

Probably to release tension, Sarah Jessica Parker has this thing with biting her own cheek—ouch! On the other side, Halle Berry can’t stop biting her lips; though she tries to apply lip balm to stop her from doing it.


Relying Too Much on Social Network Zeltene

A disorder on the rise, social network addiction is affecting a large number of the population—even celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. This addiction brought up other problems for them: Rihanna is always scared of losing popularity and Kylie confesses she’s become addicted to beauty injections.


Making Poor Food Choices Notagram

Two of the celebrities who share this bad habit are Barbra Streisand and Mila Kunis. This definitely impacts on their weight: Barbra can eat donuts and sweetened cereals all day, while Mila is a huge fan of fast food in general. Ouch! This only means someone’s going to have to hit the gym a bit extra this week!


Smoking Gadoo

Singer Lana del Rey and actress Katherine Heigl both share a passion for smoking. Katherine has tried quitting too many times, but always ends up coming back to it. Lana, on her side, sees smoking as part of her breakfast routine—so we don’t see her quitting as an option any time soon.


Obsessing over Cleanliness

Probably most people have at least one OCD, but Cameron Diaz and Katy Perry share one in particular: obsession for cleanliness. Cameron just can’t relax in public spaces—she goes as far as opening doors with her elbows only. Kathy is particularly obsessed about her teeth being clean. All. The. Time.


Chewing Gum BrightSide

How’s this a bad habit? Well, when you see Adele having the need to chew gum every time between songs or Jessica Simpson being obsessed with nicotine gum, then that’s a bad habit right there. Fun fact: Jessica doesn’t even smoke—for some reason she just likes the taste of that particular gum.


Cursing Mubasher24

We never pictured Helen Mirren as the cursing type, but she definitely has no problem speaking her mind—in whatever language she needs to. Keira Knightley shares this bad habit too; so don’t be surprised if you ever hear them swear their minds off.


Shopping Rotana

Both Victoria Beckham and Christina Aguilera have this thing with buying everything they want, when they want it—and in as many colors as they can find it. They use a lot of money on shopping and both have trouble fitting all they buy in their closets. But hey, that’s what money’s for, right?


Drinking Too Much Coffee

Both Latinas, both huge coffee drinkers. Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara always kick off their day with a good ol’ cup of Joe. We can’t really blame them; coffee’s great—could that be their secret to fame and beauty?