From Caviar, La Mer Night Cream, To Meth, These Are The World’s Most Expensive Materials

Gold and platinum are cool and all, but these other materials will show you the real meaning of luxury.

Posted on: June 15, 2017

From Caviar, La Mer Night Cream, To Meth, These Are The World’s Most Expensive Materials

In a world governed by gold, we sometimes overlook the existence of other rare, more expensive materials that are beautiful to look at and even better to enjoy on a fine piece of jewelry. But there are sooo many other materials that can give gold a run for its money, (literally) than you won’t believe it! From cocaine, to diamonds, these are the most expensive materials in the world. 


Gold Rush Fortune

At $56 per gram, we can say gold is quite accessible these days. Having the world’s most popular metal is something women crave for still today, and this solid material is still a beacon of beauty and class.


Exclusive Rhodium Hammerandgem

This rarity costs $58 per gram and belongs to the platinum family. The reason why it doesn’t get that much publicity? It’s used to detect neutron levels in nuclear reactors! Yeah, try asking a jeweler to fetch one a fancy necklace with it!


Platinum Dreams Are Made Of These Finanzen100

At $60 per gram Platinum has surely made its way into the hearts of metal loving nerds. Its rarity and silvery color exudes class and distinction, but if you’re looking to save up, cubic zirconia is still your wallet’s bff. 


Breaking Bad Baby ShutterStock

Yes, I’m talking about methamphetamine. At a whooping $100 per gram this material is prohibited by law, (I mean, haven’t you seen Breaking Bad?) but extremely exhilarating. It’s so good, some people are willing to lose their kids to the state and gamble their right leg just for a taste of it.


Horned Gods Telegraph

Poor rhinoceros are facing extinction. Wanna know why? Their horns are valuable for their medicinal properties and some people even need them to produce handles for knives. At $110 per gram it’s fair to ask, is it really worth it? 


Fatal Cocaine Thought Catalog

A gram of cocaine costs $236 per gram, however, this white powder is a fatal narcotic that will turn your life into a living hell. You may have 15 minutes of pure heaven, but there’s a major price to pay, and it’s beyond illegal. 


Painite Taringa

This beautiful red stone was discovered only 65 years ago that will set you back $9,000 per gram. So it should really be quite the sight! I’m sure this mineral surely delivers, but for that price, it better clean the house and cook for you!


Light Me Up Dude I Want That

Need to change your lighting? Why not do it with tritium? It’s only $30,000 per gram! This gas will surely make your home look like a million dollar one! Literally! You better be rich if you want to be able to afford this!


A Girl’s Best Friend BCC

Of course, we’re talking about diamonds, the most famous precious stone on Earth. At $55,000 per gram, this is the fear of any husband and the dream of any wife from a 50s magazine ad. Thankfully for their wallets, people are now spending their hard-earned moolah on cheap rocks, and paradisiac trips to the Bahamas. 


Jaded by Jade Saracura

You thought diamonds were expensive? You’re so naive! The jade stone is only $170 million. Yup, you read that correctly. 170-FREAKING-MILLIONS! Don’t be jaded by this rock, and splurge on a stone that costs almost as much as an island, if not more!