From Kidnappings, To Hostage Situations: You Probably Never Imagined These Hot Celebs Had Such A Dramatic Past

These celebs have been through it all!

Posted on: July 06, 2017

From Kidnappings, To Hostage Situations: You Probably Never Imagined These Hot Celebs Had Such A Dramatic Past

Celebrities as we know them may seem all powerful and perfect, but they all have a past and a backstory that is bound to surprise you. While some magazines love to talk about them in a negative light, it’s time to discover all the crazy things they’ve been through, and admire their tenacity and deep understanding in life. No wonder they’re so freaking talented! 


A Hostage Situation Viral Top 10

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most prolific African American actors, but his past includes holding hostage none other than Martin Luther King Sr. It was all done to ensure that Morehouse College would hire more black people, though!


Master Sergeant Bob Ross Don’t Panic Online

The super chill man with the ginger afro who painted happy little trees on public access TV used to be in the Air Force. Yup, he was a badass! And he was reported to be the mean guy who would scream at everyone! Maybe that’s why he was so into painting in the end?


Hairology Glass House Journal

The legendary and bodacious singer David Bowie has always been a major babe, but he first appeared on TV for something that had nothing to do with music. Bowie appeared as an activist, speaking out on behalf of long-haired men everywhere. He was so hairlicious, his iconic look just had to be shared with the world!


James Cromwell, a Panther? Pics Of Celebrities

Known for playing the farmer in Babe, James played a major role in the Black Panthers, the black rights movement. While Samuel L. Jackson was taking care of the hostage situation, Cromwell was freeing thirteen Black Panthers who had been jailed in New York for conspiracy.


Bad Teacher Ranker

Badass mofo Liam Neeson, was training to become a teacher when, one day, a student pulled a knife on him after he had told him to go out due to the mess he was making. Neeson punched him in the face and dedicated himself to his amazing acting career. I guess he could’ve also rocked it as an authority figure!


Dodging The Draft Edition CNN

Ted Nugent was determined not to go to the Vietnam War, so he did something quite disgusting, yet very effective. He stopped washing for a month, ate only junk food and snorted a bit of crystal meth right before his physical. If that doesn’t get the military to look for someone else, I don’t know what will!


Wrestling Buddies DeadLine

Kevin James (King of Queens) enjoyed wrestling at school and he was really good at it. He won first place and guess who was second? WWE heavyweight champion Mick Foley! It’s a small, small world, after all!


The First American To Report The Death of Stalin Pinterest

Johnny Cash was 18 years old he enlisted in the US Air Force and he played some major roles in history. I guess you CAN be historically important and a hunk! He traced Soviet jet bombers and cracked coded messages, including the first message announcing Stalin’s death. Not too shabby!


The Abduction of Bizzy Bone Grammy

Bizzy was kidnapped by Byron McCane, the biological father of his older sister. Byron told Bizzy that his mother and grandmother had died and took him and his sister to a reservation in Oklahoma. Byron forced Bizzy to beg for food and made him hide under clothes whenever police passed by. Fortunately, it all ended well and he ended up winning a Grammy. Phew! 


G.G. Allin, The Messiah? Weirdest Band In The World

The most obscene rock star in history, Jesus Christ Allin, (known as G.G. Allin, because his brother couldn’t pronounce “Jesus Christ” correctly) would take laxatives before performing, urinate (and other things) onstage and beat himself bloody with broken bottles. Just the kind of guy your momma told you to bring home, right? This makes us wonder how in the world did his father think that his son was going to be the second coming of Christ?