Girlfriend Turns Boyfriend Into A Woman After He Overslept And Failed To Keep His Promise

Girlfriend gets revenge against her boyfriend who overslept and failed to keep his promise.

Posted on: May 25, 2017

Girlfriend Turns Boyfriend Into A Woman After He Overslept And Failed To Keep His Promise

Never promise a woman anything unless you’re absolutely 100% positive that you can keep it. The consequences of messing around with your girl are just too huge. Just ask Stephen Hall, a man who promised to spend a Sunday afternoon with his busy girlfriend, but he got wasted the night before and let’s just say that a hangover was the least of his worries after he woke up.


Wake Up Sleeping Ugly Yes News

If you get drunk the night before, you better get ready to deal with the consequences, especially if you made a certain promise to your beloved honey, and you failed to keep it. Then you’re royally screwed!


It's Makeover Time Wikr

It turns out that the night before, Stephen got a bit drunk and didn’t even hit the hay until 6 a.m. This left his girlfriend, Natalie Weaver, a receptionist from England, very, very angry. No, really. She was pissed beyond words, but what you can’t explain with words, you can always explain with makeup. 


Don't Get Mad Noihirek

Her Sunday afternoon was ruined, but Natalie didn’t get mad. She got even by having a little fun of her own at Stephen’s expense. Don’t worry, he didn’t mind at the time, cause he was unconscious!


Pretty Lashes Exolas

As a true testament of just how much Stephen drank the night before, he didn’t even flinch as Natalie gave him a full Kardashian makeover, complete with lashes and hot pink lipstick that was to die for.


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By the time Natalie was done with his face, she realized that no look would be complete without a nice set of nails, so she added some press-ons and painted his nails a trendy holo color.


He Looked Ab Fab Lady Click

To say that Stephen looked absolutely fabulous would be an understatement. He would have made the perfect contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race. But Natalie missed out on a major opportunity! She could’ve even waxed his chest just for kicks!


Wakey, Wakey Exola

When the princess finally woke up from her sleeping curse at around 4 a.m. the next morning, he was in for quite a rude shock. We’re pretty sure that everything from WTF to some other colorful phrases escaped his lips.


What A Shocker Exolas

Natalie claims that Stephen was shocked and asked what happened. Naturally, she tried to convince him he had come home like that. No sense in letting the cat out of the bag, at least, not right away.


Revenge Is Sweet Lady Click

Natalie admits that she was surprised that he slept through all of the laughing she did as she gave him the makeover. “I was in absolute hysterics,” she said, and who could blame her?


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The plumber, who woke up by accidentally scratching himself with his long nails admits that he made a pretty woman. Now Natalie is living in fear that he’ll pull his own prank, cause payback’s a… well, you know.