Got Kids That Are Bored Out Of Their Minds? No Problem! Entertain Them With These Creative Hacks

Got kids? We’ve got brilliant ideas to help you keep them always entertained.

Posted on: April 18, 2017

Got Kids That Are Bored Out Of Their Minds? No Problem! Entertain Them With These Creative Hacks

The hardest part of having kids is keeping them entertained! Some parents can’t think of anything and end up either stressed out of their minds or sitting their kids in front of their iPads for dead hours. Neither option is great, so here are 10 brilliantly creative ideas to keep your kids always entertained, whatever their age.


A-maze-d Design Dazzle

Got some spare cardboard? Create a cardboard maze! This easy, fun, and cheap idea will guarantee entertained kids all day. Just make sure to open up a few exits though.


Snow It All Play Create Explore

Who doesn’t like to play in the snow? Mix some cornstarch with shaving foam and you’ll have all the fun of snow without the freezing-cold hands. You’ll end up wanting to play with it, too!


Cloudy Forecast Our Best Bites

Kids fantasize a lot with clouds, so why not make them one? Throw in some soap in the microwave to create a cloud that’s fascinating enough to keep them distracted all day.


Hop the Scotch

You don’t necessarily need chalk to draw Hopscotch for your kids. Use some colored scotch tape and create this fun game for your kids to skip around until they drop.


Playing With Food Smart School House

You know how annoying it is to see your kids play with their food? Give them a little break to actually do this as a fun game. Have them prepare some edible dough and encourage them to create all the shapes they want out of it. They can eat it in the end!


Pop that Chocolate DIY Crafts

Kids love balloons and chocolate. Put those two together for a whole day of fun! Prepare some melted chocolate, dip balloons in it and pop them to end up with cute chocolate cups.


Lil' Bang Theory

Kids tend to be intrigued about the universe as a whole, so a fun idea would be to start a project together with them. Create your own solar system and teach them all about science.


Leave The Colors

Kids love to color! Grab a few dry leaves from outside, place them on a piece of paper and have your kids color over them. They’ll have fun and you’ll end up with a colorful drawing of leaves in the fridge!


Under My Umbrella Live Internet

Ask your kids to draw a sky in the upside of an umbrella. It’s a nice project that will end up with a useful and beautifully decorated umbrella for you to use.


Bubble Up Brightside

Use an old plastic bottle and fill it up with some detergent. Have your kids create bubbles and they’ll be forever grateful for the fun idea.