Has Anyone Seen These Celebs? 10 Stars Who Have Basically Disappeared Into Oblivion

Remember some of the celebrities who have lost their spotlight over the years.

Posted on: April 27, 2017

Has Anyone Seen These Celebs? 10 Stars Who Have Basically Disappeared Into Oblivion

Being a celebrity is tough. You might hit fame and it can skyrocket in no time, or you can be famous for just one movie and then be totally forgotten. Be it either because of aging, poor choices in projects, or a horrible attitude, here are some of the most popular celebrities who have fallen off the Hollywood bandwagon and left you wondering where they went.


Cameron Diaz Glamour

You might remember her from the old-time classic There’s Something About Mary, but we bet you can’t recall when you last saw her in a new release—cough cough, since 2014. Thing is, she’s happy taking care of her family and she already makes a great lot of money, so we probably won’t be seeing her again any time soon.


Eddie Murphy The Huffington Post

His fame plateaued after starring in Dreamgirls in 2006. Probably stinkers like Norbit or Meet Dave had something to do with his sullied comedic reputation, but we might be lucky once more and see him in the upcoming Beverly Hills Cop 4.


Tobey Maguire Girls Ask Guys

Yes, the Spiderman guy! He’s probably taking a break from acting to focus on his family problems: he recently got separated and is taking care of his two kids on his own. However, the couple stills hangs out together, so there might be room for a reconciliation.


Hilary Swank Zeal NYC

Famous for her Million Dollar Baby performance, Oscar-winner Hilary Swank has been off the Hollywood radar since 2014’s The Homesman. Either clunkers like P.S. I Love You had something to do with it or she’s just been unlucky lately.


Jack Gleeson The Daily Beast

This is probably the only one on the list who has slowed down his acting career voluntarily. He played a hated character in Game of Thrones and his love-or-hate nature affected the way fans saw Jack, which made him change his mind about acting as a career.


Kathy Griffin Bravo TV

After 2010’s My Life on the D-List, comedian Griffin hasn’t been seen much except for a few appearances in RuPaul’s Drag Race. She’s still on tour for her stand-up shows, but there isn’t much of her on TV lately.


Kevin Jonas The Huffington Post

Ever since the Jonas Brothers split in 2012, Kevin has been happily married and is now a father of two. He’s lost touch with the music industry and is now pursuing a career as a contractor.


Amanda Bynes Bebiviral

After appearing in 2010’s Easy A, it’s no wonder Amanda hasn’t been on the big screen since then. She has gone through some difficult mental breakdowns and is now focused on fashion school, after formally retiring from acting in 2012.


Alyson Hannigan Hawt Celebs

We haven’t seen much of Aly since How I Met Your Mother came to an end in 2014. She’s probably too busy living her happy married life, or is her comedic side is not that appealing to Hollywood anymore? We’ll never know.


Freddie Prinze, Jr. Yahoo

After his guest role in 24 back in 2010, the star of She’s All That has been totally off the acting radar. He’s focusing his time on voice acting for animated shows and videos. Whatever works for you, Freddie.