Here Are New York City's Most Instagram-Worthy Foods, And Where To Get Them

You're going to want to keep your phone close for these instagrammable food spots.

Posted on: June 29, 2017

Here Are New York City's Most Instagram-Worthy Foods, And Where To Get Them

Believe it or not, your eyes are probably the most used sense when sitting through a meal. If food looks attractive, we’re more likely to want to eat it and fully enjoy it. Since Instagramming everything we eat is now a thing, some people will flock to certain restaurants just because they crave something they saw on a friend’s feed. Check out some of the most insta-worthy food in NYC to make all your friends food jealous.


Taiyaki NYC Instagram

NYC’s newest Instagram sensation, Taiyaki serves its ice cream in a fish-like cone—though the taste has nothing to do with fish. The cone is made of a buttery cake and the ice cream itself is a soft serve, which can be decorated as a unicorn or topped with hundreds of treats.


Sadelle's Instagram

If you’re the breakfast-is-the-new-dinner type of person, Sadelle’s will entice your every sense. This eatery is famous for having NYC’s absolute best bagel and for serving a colorful power breakfast to kick off the day right.

DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections Instagram

Is your favorite part of baking cookies snacking on some dough first? DŌ makes this gooey sin a heavenly reality: Visit this sweet shop in NYC devoted to edible, bakeable, customizable cookie dough served by the pint or mixed with other desserts—it’s dough-licious!


Vinnie’s Pizzeria Instagram

What’s better than a slice of NYC’s finest pizza? Four mini slices on top of that! Visit this pizzeria featuring tasty pizza and groan-worthy puns on its daily specials board—you won’t know what to Instagram first!


Gelso & Grand Instagram

Located in NYC’s Little Italy, Italian eatery Gelso & Grand serves the biggest cannoli in town: the Holy Cannoli, a cannoli-shaped waffle cookie stuffed with cream and tons of candy. Impossible not to snap a pic of this!


Dominique Ansel Bakery Instagram

Headed by pastry chef Dominique Ansel, this bakery serves creative French treats for a winning Instagram shot. This enviable photo shows its cookie shots, filled with vanilla-infused milk—Ansel’s latest ingenious creation will be your newest addiction.


Sugar Factory Instagram

Nothing can go wrong if the word “sugar” is in it. Located on NYC’s Meatpacking District, Sugar Factory is the real life Candyland of your dreams. Get sugar high on the outrageous sweet treats and candy-decorated drinks this spot has to offer.


Sushirrito Instagram

Try the best hand-held sushi burritos in NYC at Sushirrito, a restaurant that’s revolutionizing the sushi culture by blending delicious Asian and Latin American flavor combinations. Founder Peter Yen saw an opportunity to combine 2 of Bay Area’s favorite foods and is now succeeding on Instagram feeds of the world.


Eggloo Instagram

Visit Eggloo for original egg waffles filled with ice cream and colorful toppings of your choice. Once you’ve ordered, hold your cone up for an egg-cellent Instagram shot before you dig in.


The Bagel Store Instagram

Famous for its pizzas and bagels, New York City features one of the most trending bagel stores in town: The Bagel Store. It serves casual take-out hand-rolled bagels, a selection of flavored cream cheeses, and Instagram’s most famous rainbow bagel.