Here's How To Always Look Easy, Breezy, Beautiful In Photos, Every Single Time

Want to smash those selfies and look perfect in pics? Here’s how!

Posted on: May 16, 2017

Here's How To Always Look Easy, Breezy, Beautiful In Photos, Every Single Time

Some people are photogenic, some really aren’t. It’s cool, it happens. But what if we told you that everyone has a chance to look better in pictures? Models have it right, so why not take a leaf out of their book?


Nice Neck! Kandeej

Tilting your head forward isn’t going to do you any favors. Elongating your neck makes you look elegant and it’s also very slimming, too.


Perfect Posture Clipmass

Slouching adds weight around your waist, exactly where you don’t want it. It also makes your neck look shorter. If you sit up and straighten your spine, you’ll look better.


Don’t Cross Me! Jamaican Smurf Entertainment

Crossing your arms is a big no-no when posing for pictures. It’s unnatural, and it makes you look shapeless. You’re going to look far more welcoming if you just avoid it altogether.


Emphasize Everything Pinterest

Propping your chin on your fist looks super slouchy and doesn’t make you look your best. Aim for more natural poses which elongate your fingers and extend yourself to emphasize your best bits.


Bin The Baggy Barev

Those baggy clothes you like? Put them in the trash, at least for now. Your figure will thank you for it! When you wear clothing that does you no favors, you hide your shape, and you actually look wider. But if you do have an ensemble that’s hanging loosely on your body, then cinch the waist with a belt or shape your waist by putting your hands on them, tightly. 


Amazing Angles YouTube

If the angles are all wrong, you can look shorter and larger than you are, all at the same time! Turn slightly to the side when sitting, to stop all your limbs blending into one big blur.


Intelligent Imitation Gold Nostalgia

You’ve seen models posing whilst touching their faces, right? Look again. They imitate touching in order to highlight the contours of their face. Don’t go heavy handed on this one.


Lovely Lines Ahpoy

Creating visible lines in your poses really contours your shape and highlights your defining features. Move your arms away from your body and create straight lines with them.


Awesome Arms Fstoppers

Pay attention to where your arms go. Do you look unnatural? What are you hiding? Again, create lines and make sure that your whole body works together cohesively in images.


Eradicate Elbows Bright Side

Your elbows don’t need to be in pics – honestly, they’re weird! Showing them looks super unnatural, and also hides some of your better features.