Here's How To Easily Make More Room In Your Closet By Learning How To Fold Clothes, The Smart Way

If your drawers are overflowing with clothes, use these clever techniques and save some serious space. Or, you know, stop going shopping for a while!

Posted on: August 03, 2017

Here's How To Easily Make More Room In Your Closet By Learning How To Fold Clothes, The Smart Way

Worried you might need to buy a new closet because your drawers are overflowing with clothes? No need to panic or start giving away your precious jeans and shirts. Try these clever folding techniques first, and you might just find yourself with more storage space that will make your closet expanded times 100!


Socks Shareably

Roll socks into these cute little balls to make your sock drawer spacious again. Just follow these steps:1. Straighten out your socks and place them on top of each other. 2.Roll the socks up from the toes really carefully and tightly. 3. Secure the sock roll using the elastic part of the top of the socks. Just open it up and pull it around the roll. Now, not only will you have way more room in your sock drawer, you’ll also never have any problems trying to find a matching pair ever again!


Tank Tops Woman Life

Create neat squares of tank tops that will stack together easily in your drawer by laying your tank top face down on a surface. Next, fold it in half horizontally by lifting the straps up. Now, fold the top in thirds vertically. Finally, fold the bottom half upwards, and you’ve got yourself a neat, square, tiny tank top parcel.


T-shirts Puras Manualidades

Say goodbye to that messy drawer full of creased t-shirts, and say hello to an organized storage system that allows you to display all your fave t-shirts. Here’s how to do it: 1. Lay your shirt on a surface with the print facing up. 2. Fold your shirt in half vertically - make sure the print still faces up! 3. Fold the sleeves in. 4. Fold your t-shirt in half horizontally. 5. Fold it in half again horizontally. 6. Arrange your t-shirts in your drawer so next time you’re choosing what to wear you can easily see which is which.


Scarves Pinterest

Show off your collection of beautiful scarves by hanging them on a hanger, and slipping them into your closet next to your favorite dress. To secure them on the hanger you can either tie them on with a slip knot or use shower rings like in this nifty pic. Being organized can also be a ton of fun! 


Underwear Shareably

This method of folding your undies might make you feel like a pastry chef, but it will save you some valuable space! Follow these four simple steps: 1. Fold in one side of your underwear, and then the other side on top of that. 2. Fold the top edge down. 3. Fold the bottom edge up and tuck it into the top fold. Et voila! A neat little undie square that fits neatly in your drawer. Not too shabby!


Bras Shareably

Okay, so no folding is allowed here! If you fold your bras they’ll only lose shape, and you’ll just have to fork out for some new ones. Instead, stack them neatly up behind each other to save a ton of space.


Pants Twicopy

Here’s how to put your pants in their place, and stop them from taking up all that room your drawer:1. Fold them in half vertically with one leg on top of the other. 2. Fold them in half horizontally. 3. Fold the legs up twice until they meet the waistband. Now you can store them upright in your drawer for easy access. No more tank top/bra miss match! 


Lingerie Shareably

Okay, so here’s how you keep your lingerie nicely folded without taking up too much space. First fold it in half vertically. Then make sure it’s of an equal width all the way down (fold in any bits that are sticking out!). Next, roll up the material from the bottom up, until you get to the top bra part. Then that’s it, you’re sorted, fancy, and ready to go!


Sweater (or your fave long sleeved shirt) TamLady

This folding technique will not only save you space, but your sweaters will look like you’ve just picked them off the shelf at the department store:1. Lay your sweater on a surface face down. 2. Fold the sleeves across the sweater and on top of each other. 3. Now, pick up the left side of the garment and fold it vertically at the edge of the collar. 4. Do the same for the other side. 5. Fold the sweater in half horizontally, and you’re done!


Hoodie Pinterest

How many hoodies can you fit into a drawer? You’ll be surprised once you start folding them using this savvy technique: 1. Lay your hoodie out on a flat surface. 2. Fold it in half vertically. 3. Fold the left-hand sleeve into the center, and the same with the right. 4. Fold the hood down. 5. Fold in half horizontally. There you go! Now you should have a thin square that you can stack into your drawer no problem. So now that you made all that room in your closet, you’re making space for new clothes and accessories. Everybody wins, except your wallet!