Here's What Your Favorite Celebrities Where Doing a Looong Time Ago

Wow, time flies when you're having fun with a successful career!

Posted on: October 19, 2017

Here's What Your Favorite Celebrities Where Doing a Looong Time Ago

Celebrities live a glamorous life of wealth and luxury, but the road to fame and fortune has to start somewhere. But even during their humble beginnings, these celebrities showed potential at an earlier point in their lives. So, it’s totally natural that they’d wind up becoming even more interesting and entertaining. So, here’s how these amazing celebrities started out. You’ll be in awe at how hard work and perseverance ultimately paved the way to a life of fortune and fame.


Martha Stewart Pinterest

She’s every crafty mom’s guru, and we’d simply be lost without her fabulous recipes, and ideas on how to accentuate our home décor with some nifty ideas.  But before Martha Steward did all that, she started out working as a gorgeous model at the age of fifteen to pay for college. From there, she quickly graced the pages of popular magazines, and even modeled for Chanel.  Now she’s a writer, a businesswoman, and a television personality we can all respect and look up to.


Drew Carey The Talko

We know him as one of the most amazing comedians on television. His improv work and stand-up comedy is as impressive as his work on film and TV. But although he’s a barrel of laughs now, he used to serve the U.S. Marine Corps in 1979, and remained a part of the Corp., for four years. Then he worked as a bank teller and even a waiter at Denny’s before discovering his comedic destiny.


Alec Baldwin Missosology

Back in the 90s, it was impossible not to open a magazine and find Alec’s handsome blue-eyed face staring back at you. Even before he got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1994 at NYU, he had cemented his feet on Broadway in 1986 in the play “Joe Orton’s Loot. But before that, he was already acting on television in soaps like “The Doctors,” and appearing on “Knots Landing”. Eventually he moved on to doing films like “The Hunt For Red October” and now he’s making people laugh as a host for “Match Game” and occasionally on SNL.


Goldie Hawn Pinterest

Hawn made her debut on stage in 1964 playing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet at a Virginia Shakespeare Festival production. After dropping out of college, she not only taught at a ballet school in 1964, but also ran the business itself. Years later, she became a hit in movies like “Private Benjamin,” “Overboard,” “The First Wives Club”. But she also proved to have a huge heart when she decided to create the Hawn Foundation, which lends a hand to children who are underprivileged.


Kirstie Alley Daily Mail

Did you know that Kirstie, the actress who embodied the role of Lt. Saavik, on Star Trek II, had actually moved to L.A. caused she wanted to pursue a career as an interior designer? She also pursued Scientology. While she was there, she even appeared on “Match Game” in 1979 and won $500. Although we don’t offer see her on television as much as we’d like, she still knows how to tickle our funny bones like back in the day when she starred on “Cheers”.


Val Kilmer Afrizap

Val Kilmer, who studied at the Julliard School’s Drama Division, is such a great actor. After all, who can forget Iceman from “Top Gun”, or his portrayal of Jim Morrison in “The Doors”? Over the years, he’s appeared in television, film, and even in music videos like Tenacious D’s “To Be The Best” in 2012 and Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Animals” in 2016. He’s even proven to be a real trooper by beating cancer not too long ago.


Mickey Rourke Celeb Plastic Surgery Online

As a teenager, Mickey took an interest in self-defense classes, which eventually lead to a passion of amateur boxing from 1964 to 1973, where he had achieved a record of only 3 losses and 27 wins. Eventually he retired his boxing gloves and focused on other things like becoming a screenwriter and an actor in films like “9 ½ Weeks,” “Iron Man 2,” “And the film, “Immortals.”


Jeff Bridges The Talko

As a child, Jeff Bridges lost his dad, so he relied on his big brother Beau, who was more like a father figure. Since Beau was an actor, it only made since the Jeff would eventually follow in his footsteps. So, he studied acting at the Herbert Berghof Studio in New York City, and at 18, served the United States Coast Guard Reserve for seven years before fully embracing his role as an actor in awesome films like “Starman,” “The Dude,” “The Big Lebowski,” and “The Fisher King”.


Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Detail

What can we say about Susan besides the fact that she’s an activist, and a great actress. She took us on the ultimate thrill ride in “Thelma & Louise”. Since 1969, her sole focus has been working in the film industry. But eventually, she spread her wings into political activism, when she wasn’t establishing a series of ping-pong lounges called SPiN with her ex, Jonathan Bricklin. But when she’s not busy taking on the role of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she’s wowing people on television like in her role as Bette David on FX’s “Feud”.


Axl Rose Viral Scape

Axl Rose is famous for his singing talent, and his ability to write some terrific songs. Besides being the front man of the rock band, Guns N’ Roses, he’s also become the lead singer for AC/DC.  As a child, he was a choir boy who performed with siblings using the choir name “Bailey Trio”. Despite a turbulent childhood filled with drama, Axl grew to rock and tour the world, something that he’s still doing to this day.