Hopefully You Will Never Need To Use These Tricks To Escape From The Trunk Of a Car, But Here They Are Just In Case

No matter the reason, you can escape the trunk of a car if you get stuck there.

Posted on: April 18, 2017

Hopefully You Will Never Need To Use These Tricks To Escape From The Trunk Of a Car, But Here They Are Just In Case

A car’s trunk is a dark place you would never want to end up stuck in. If you got there because a criminal forced you or because you were simply playing around, you need to get out of there as soon as possible. Since not all cars have a trunk release lever, here are a few easy tips to get yourself out of a car’s trunk.


Keep Your Cool YouTube

Yes, trunks can be scary; and, no, they’re not completely airtight. I will take at least 12 hours before you actually fall unconscious. However, it is very important that you stay cool and breathe regularly to increase your chances of getting out.


Trunk Lever-age Cars.com

By national law, all American cars made after 2002 must have a trunk lever. If you’re lucky enough to be in one of those cars, find it and pull it up or down. It usually glows in the dark!


Try The Backseat Hyundai Elantra Manual

If you were abducted, take matters into your own hands and try to escape quickly. Some cars have a fold-down back seat through which you can do so. There’s usually a release in the trunk; if not, just push the seat so you can climb out of there.


Brake the Lights WikiHow

If you’re not in luck with getting yourself out, try with drawing some attention. Push or kick the brake lights so they fall out of the vehicle and you can stick your hands out. Passersby will notice you and call the police or the kidnapper will be pulled over for not having brake lights.


Hit the Trunk, Jack WikiHow

Most cars have a jack and a toolkit for the spare tire replacement. Find it underneath the carpet or on the side of the trunk, and crank the jack up to attempt to pop the trunk open.


Pry Your Way Out WikiHow

No release lever? No problem! Locate the latch and try to pry it open. Search for tools that might help you do it, like a screwdriver or a tire iron. If you can’t pry the latch, try with the trunk itself at least to get some air in while you get out.


Make Some Noise WikiHow

This only goes if you haven’t been kidnapped. If none of the other tips worked, start making a lot of noise to attract people around you. Scream, kick and hit the car, anything to alert someone around you that you’re stuck there.


Keep Still About It Daily Mail

If you were kidnapped, your movements have to be as quiet as possible. The kidnapper will be able to hear the pop when the trunk opens, so try to do it in a loud environment. If your kidnapper hears you’re trying to get out, chances are other measures might be on the way.


Slow Down Palm Beach Post

If you’ve been abducted but managed to pop the trunk open, you need to find the best time to jump right out. It’s not a good idea to do so when the car is speeding. Try to wait until the driver slows down and your jump will be easier for you.


Prevention Is Better Imgur

Much better than the cure. Install a trunk release lever, keep a spare remote in the trunk, and make sure you have plenty of tools in there. This way, if you happen to be stuck for whatever reason, you’ll have more chances to work your way out.