How Do You Build Self-Esteem Easily? By Relying On Yourself And Nobody Else, Apparently

Psst. Guess what? Likes don't mean anything. Wanna feel good? Then learn how to boost your self-esteem on your own.

Posted on: May 19, 2017

How Do You Build Self-Esteem Easily? By Relying On Yourself And Nobody Else, Apparently

When you feel confident you value yourself, you keep yourself in high regard. But when your self-esteem is low you don’t think you’re good enough and feel worthless. It’s a tale as old as time! How many likes you get on social media isn’t a reflection of the real you. How you feel about yourself is a direct result of what you’ve done and how you live your life. So if you’re feeling down and think you’re not good enough, follow these tips to boost your self-esteem by relying on your true friend: you.


Find Out What Causes Low Self-Esteem Wattpad

The first thing you have to do to build up your self-esteem is find out what is causing you to think negatively about yourself. Is it the people in your life? Are they toxic, don’t support you, and never have anything nice to say? Maybe you feel bad every morning when you jump on the scale. The first step is to get rid of these catalysts. Hide your scale and get rid of the people who bring you down.


Do What You're Good At Teenvogue

This is an easy, great way to reinstate some belief in yourself: do what you’re good at. By focusing on your strengths, you’ll be reminded of your ability to do something really well and your confidence will grow. Resist comparing yourself to someone else because everyone is unique with their own set of challenges and skills.


Live A Healthy Life Hypable

It can’t be stressed enough how important good physical health is to your emotional well-being. If you don’t feel good physically you won’t feel good mentally. By eating well, drinking lots of water, exercising, and getting restful sleep, you’ll reduce stress and overcome feelings of worthlessness. Exercise also releases endorphins, which brings out feelings of happiness.


Set Goals Hercampus

If you want to feel more confident then set some goals and do something about it. Maybe you want to lose ten pounds so you can feel better when you look in the mirror. Start with small steps, and when you reach those they’ll boost your self-esteem and drive you to keep moving towards the big goal. For example, you can set a goal to drink eight glasses of water every day and eliminate soft drinks from your diet.


Have Some Fun Refinery29

Want to have more of those amazing endorphins zinging around in your brain? Then let go and have some fun! Keep low self-esteem away by watching a funny movie, hanging out with friends, playing with your kids, dancing—whatever brings you joy and makes you feel good about yourself.


Let Go Of Perfectionism Vipajikenya

Expecting perfection from yourself is impossible. No one is perfect, and if you wait around for the perfect moment or the perfect job you’ll be disappointed. That will lead to feelings of worthlessness and disappointment, and can even cause depression.


Be Kind To Yourself Pt.Fanpop

You don’t need to have someone click a “like” button to make you feel good about yourself, or to feel cool or worthy. Be compassionate and kind to yourself. Treat yourself to a bath, write in a journal what you love about yourself, or wear an outfit that makes you feel confident.


Practice Positive Self-Talk Weheartit

The last person who should talk sh** about you, is you. Even if you’re having a hard day and nothing’s gone your way, refrain from beating yourself up verbally. Cultivate a positive inner voice so that instead of saying “I am so stupid” you can say “I tried my best!”


Help Others And Be Considerate Youtube

When you help others it helps you feel valuable and worthwhile. A smile, thank you, or hug is worth more than a million likes on Facebook or Instagram. Whether you believe in karma or not, there is some truth that if you do good, good will come back to you.


Don't Be Hard On Yourself PopSugar

The reason why people are so obsessed with getting recognition on social media is because it’s instant validation, that you’re “good enough” regardless of what happens in the real world. It’s a quick fix. However, if you’ve made a mistake at work, or there are problems in your personal life, you need to learn to give yourself a break. You’re only human and need to learn to move forward without causing yourself harm or seeking meaningless approval in cyberspace.