How Much Does a Family Spend On Food Every Week Around The World? Let's Find Out!

Photographer Peter Menzel shows us what a week's worth of groceries looks like around the world. And yeah, it's as exotic as you think it is!

Posted on: April 24, 2017

How Much Does a Family Spend On Food Every Week Around The World? Let's Find Out!

What you consider one week’s worth of groceries may be totally different in other countries. So photographer Peter Menzel went on a quest around the globe to see how poverty and cultural difference affected diets in different countries, then he wrote the book “Hungry Planet” to influence his diet, and the rest is history. Sort of. Check out how much food you’d be able to buy if you were lucky enough to live in another country! 


Mexi-Coke Fstoppers

Sitting down to a family meal is an age-old practice that’s still respected in regions like Mexico. They also seem to prefer Coke over water, and lots of veggies and fruits. Guess it’s true what they say, don’t drink the water in Mexico, specially if you have Coke! 


A Little Brit Processed Nexusedizioni

In Great Britain, there seems to be a lot of processed foods, but not nearly enough of the natural stuff seen south of the border. At least they told the soda to kick off in exchange for some red wine! We’re so down! 


Fast Food U.S.A. El Contumismo

Sure, there’s some frozen poultry here and there, but the often busy family, which consists of two working parents simply don’t have time to make a home cooked meal and throw some vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free pasta and garnish it with some Paleo-diet approved salsa. While it sounds delish, it’s not realistic to expect an all-american family to take hours cooking and preparing healthy meals. So when dashing for fast food isn’t an option, there’s always pizza that delivers a massive acid reflux punch to the gut.


Apocalypse Down Under Elsaffandatfih

Australians seem to be more interested in preparing for an upcoming apocalypse. Just look at the loads of water, eggs, and beef. Guess those Aussies really love their meat! Fortunately for their hot and toned Aussie bodies, they like fruits and veggies too.


Ciao Whole Grain Motaleb

We’re a little upset! We had it on good authority that Italians are known for pasta, and yet there seems to be a lot more bread here and fruits than anything else. Get with it, Italy!


Where's The Maple? Sovkusom

Alright, Canada, we see a couple of fruits and veggies, plenty of yogurt to stay regular, as well as cheese, eggs, and a big old bag of Lays Potato Chips, but uh, where’s the Maple Syrup that Canada is famous for?


What? No Escargot? Wanderlust Tips

Apparently, the French don’t believe in Coke or any other kind of soft drinks, and everything in this household seems like it was bought at a Whole Foods. No wonder French couture and fashion shows feature such thin and slender gals! They’re not munching on processed foods and carbs!


Sushi, Anyone? Urbis Le Mag

Well, let’s just say that if this family’s in the mood for some sushi tonight, they’re all set. There’s plenty of seafood, which is pretty popular in Japan, for the whole week, as well as rice. No wonder they have such great figures.


Kuwait For Dinner Chismes Mundo

Food plays an important role in Kuwait culture, and since there’s no such thing as Kuwait themed restaurants in the world, you’ll have to eat things like Machboos, which is chicken, beef or fish over a specially spiced rice, as a guest in a Kuwait family’s home.


Mare's Milk And Muttons Anyone? Thing Link

Mongolia is a landlocked country, so it’s rare when seafood and certain types of beef are available. Even different types of veggies are difficult to find, which is evident in some of these pouty faces. On the plus side, there’s plenty of fermented mare’s milk and muttons to feast on. Hum, yes please! Can I get a whole batch to go?