If You Want To Become The Next Elon Musk, You Need To Have These 10 Personality Traits

To thrive in today's business world, you'll need these personality traits... stat!

Posted on: April 21, 2017

If You Want To Become The Next Elon Musk, You Need To Have These 10 Personality Traits

Some people want to have a huge family, others want nothing but to travel the world, but we all have one thing in common. We yearn for success. But if it were really that easy, everyone could do it, right? Unfortunately, success is exclusive to only a handful of people with these extraordinary personality traits. But if you can figure out how to learn from the greatest and smartest talents out there, then you too can be on the way to being all that you can be.


Don't Be A Judge Judy LA Times

Unless you’re the boss, or a judge, you have no right to criticize others unfairly, and in business, it’s a waste of time. Instead, try showing that you’re the better person and show people you’re gracious. Success is quiet, my child.


Let It Go, Let It Gooo CBR

Queen Elsa knows a thing or two about letting go, and so should you. Only unsuccessful people and supernatural creatures in Japanese horror flicks, hold on to grudges. So to succeed you must forgive and forget. 


Carpe Diem Yolo Chile

This saying never gets old and it’s good advice for everything that you do. So stop living in the past, unless you’re a time-traveler without any plutonium. Instead, focus on the present and seize the day. The only thing that matters is what you do today. That’s how you predict the future. 


Who, me? Yeah, Right YouTube

Yes, you! Messing up sucks, but what sucks even worse is owning up to it. Unfortunately, we’re humans and we screw up, but blaming others is a cowardly move and it won’t get you the respect you need to succeed. Plus, in order to build a business, or scale a project, you must first come to terms with the fact that you WILL mess up, no matter how hard you try! Mess up a hundred times, get back on the horse, and keep pushing until you figure it out. 


Sharing Is Caring Wiffle Gif

Well, not your money, but your info. Keeping secrets to get ahead or prevent others from becoming successful over you, is a bad move, and makes you look childish. The successful person shares to get ahead. Plus, let’s say you end up making it! You will not want to be lonely at the top!


Positives Attract Success Business Insider

A successful person will always surround him or herself with positive energy, because expressive negative feelings, and bad mouthing others only leads to a life full of nothing but regrets. You? You’re too busy planning your future than getting caught in anyone’s web of drama.


Change Is Constant Art People Gallery

Like the doctor said on “Doctor Who”, “we all change. We’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good. You’ve gotta keep moving”.  So if you can’t trust a time lord, who can you trust?


Don't Be A Gossip Girl YouTube

Successful people don’t waste time gossiping about others, instead they spend their time coming up with new and innovative ideas that can help them move forward. Gossip on the other hand, will drag you down. Get together with people who are equally driven, and make plans together. You could wind up inventing the next best thing since smartphones. Plus, working with people you consider your peers can be a lot of fun, and true friendships will come from these healthy and business-smart alliances. 


Avoid The Couch, Become A Worm Nixon Pack

You’re not going to become successful by turning into a couch potato and watching television all day. So become a book worm and read more, because that’s what success is really all about… learning. You CAN succeed, it’s just a matter of working your butt off and figuring out how and what those people you consider to be successful did in order to get there. Figure out the process, and if it worked for them, it’ll work for you.


The Secret Of Success Pinterest

To succeed you have to stop being unselfish and hope everyone succeeds, not just yourself. Only the unsuccessful secretly hope others will fail because they don’t trust their own strength and wits in order to make it. But smart people thrive on competing with others, as they know this will make them wittier, more resilient, and truthfully good at what they do. There’s enough room for both Coke and Pepsi, you know what I mean?