If You're Going To Australia You Better Be OK With Stumbling Upon These Creepy Animals

Australia seems great… but it’s hiding lots of deadly secrets! Are you ready to meet Australia's deadliest animals? Neither are we.

Posted on: June 30, 2017

If You're Going To Australia You Better Be OK With Stumbling Upon These Creepy Animals

Okay so let’s be real. What’s not to love about Australia? Gorgeous people, great food, and plenty of sun, sea, and surfing. But how do Aussies manage to stay so cool and laid-back when their lives are at risk every single day? The country is home to some of the world’s scariest creatures. Dare to find out what they are?


Blue-Ringed Octopus Thing Link

This one may look impressive to look at, but if they feel threatened, that’s when they light up bright like a Christmas tree! If they bite you, bad luck – you’re probably going to die, as there’s no known anti-venom. Bye Felipe! 


Stonefish The Active Times

This ain’t nemo, that’s for sure! The sneaky stonefish knows how to hide, which means you won’t see it coming when it stabs you and leaves you paralyzed – or worse, turns you into fish food! Somehow, laying on the sand seems like a great idea!


Redback Spiders Abc

How can something so small be so creepy and dangerous? Redback spiders can cause all kinds of reactions, and they can even kill you. Take that red stripe as a warning and if you see one, just run for the hill!


Great White Sharks BBC

Another bucket of NOPE! Despite only 700 attacks being registered in Australia, the ocean is home to lots of sharks who just want to be our friends! It might be harder to think of them that way if they’re swimming towards you, though!


Red-Bellied Black Snake Snakes In The City

Here we go with that red warning sign again! It seems nature really wants us to know when we have a killer in our midst. These 7-feet beasts can cause kidney failure and even death. Yeah, no, I’ll just plan my trip elsewhere. Florida, here I come. Oh, wait.


Funnel-Web Spider Wikipedia

He’s not only massively ugly, but these Sydney dwellers do ugly things, too. One bite can shut off your nervous system and kill you within two hours. Sorry for insulting you, Mr. Spider! Please don’t hurt us…


Inland Taipan Pinterest

Thanks, but no thanks! These snakes can kill 100 people with just one drop of venom. But don’t worry, you probably won’t stumble into one, as they live in the middle of nowhere. Unless you’re planning on heading to countryside areas, you’ll probably never see them live.


Saltwater Crocs Wallpapers

There are 100,000 of these lurking in Aussie rivers and oceans; so much so that many places are out of bounds for a swim. Don’t risk it – you’ll be lunch in seconds if these salties have their way!


Irukandji Jellyfish BiologyPop

One sting from these unassuming little things can attack your mental and physical health, leaving you anxious and unable to breathe. Its deadly venom thankfully doesn’t always kill, because these jellies are actually teeny-tiny.


Chironex Fleckeri Also Known As The Sea Wasp Fine Art America

Get stung by one of these box jellyfish, and you’ll probably die in the ambulance. Not trying to scare you, but there’s a reason why stinger suits are recommended in many parts of the Aussie coast!