Japanese Women Are Flawless Creatures, So Here's All They Eat To Stay Gorgeous And Healthy

Japanese women are among the healthiest in the world. Learn their secret food habits to look after your body and be as healthy and beautiful as them.

Posted on: May 17, 2017

Japanese Women Are Flawless Creatures, So Here's All They Eat To Stay Gorgeous And Healthy

Japanese women are among the healthiest in the world, with their slim figures and long life spans they’ve got to be doing something right. Take a look at these Japanese food habits and learn their secrets to incredible health, and crack the code to staying flawless forever.


Something’s Fishy Sora News 24

Living in a string of islands in the Pacific, it’s no surprise that the Japanese eat a lot of fish. The omega 3 fish contains is mood boosting and reduces heart disease. Plus, traditionally Japanese people rarely eat red meat which is always a good thing. Mean is loaded, and I mean, LOADED with saturated fat and leads to obesity and heart disease.


Fermented Food Kind Eats

It might not sound nice, but fermented food is great for the digestive system. It keeps the gut in balance, supports the immune system and helps your body to easily absorb nutrients. It won’t do your laundry, but it’s an all-around health elixir. 


Eat Lots Of Plants Japon Sinemasi

A Japanese diet is high in grains and vegetables. They eat 4 or 5 types of vegetables in a meal and hardly touch any animal products. Why’s this so great? Plant-based estrogens reduce the risk of hormonal cancers such as breast cancer.


Stay Fresh Intrepid Travel

Japanese women eat seasonal food that’s as fresh as possible. So fresh they’re almost attached to a tree! Not only does it taste better because it’s fresher, but it hasn’t had time to loose it’s key nutrients as it’s not been packed and shipped halfway across the world.


Junk Food Free Zone AliExpress

Junk food isn’t a part of day-to-day Japanese life, nor is high calorie cooking. In fact they use minimal oil when they’re frying. It’s no surprise then that Japan has the lowest obesity rate in world. Say goodbye to Mickey D’s! 


Cook Right Miss Gorilla

The traditional Japanese cooking methods such as slicing vegetables to cook quickly, grilling and steaming help food to retain its nutrition. And these varied nutrients are vital for our health. So chop, chop!


Slow Eating Easy Onigiri

For Japanese women, eating is a ritual. They eat slowly, take small mouthfuls and eat food from several small plates instead of one large one. So you might want to stop scoffing food as if it was your last day! Also key to Japanese cooking is pretty presentation. They like to eat with their eyes, appreciating how food looks instead of just stuffing it down.


Hara Hachi Bu Food Brigade

This is a Japanese concept that means eat until you are 80% full (instead of 120% which is what I usually do!) This combined with eating slowly makes it almost impossible for them to overeat. No more Netflix, chill, and devour!


Rice Versus Bread LiveStrong

Forget about toast, burger buns and those lunchtime sandwiches. Instead, Japanese gals prefer to eat a small quantity of rice, often at the end of a meal. Also rice is a low fat complex carbohydrate so by eating it instead of bread you can fill up on fewer calories.


Who Need Dessert Anyway? Syl

In the west, we love our desserts. Ice cream, cakes, pies, you name it, if it’s there, we eat it. But in Japan it’s a different story. They rarely eat dessert, and when they do it’s usually fruit. Plus they follow the principle of flexible restraint. They enjoy their treats, but eat them less frequently and in smaller portions than we tend to do.