Make Your Trip Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, With These Super Easy Packing Hacks

Packing doesn’t have to be the hardest part of your holiday, so make it easier on yourself with these quick and easy tips!

Posted on: June 05, 2017

Make Your Trip Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, With These Super Easy Packing Hacks

Do you leave packing to the very last minute? You do? You’re just putting the “B” in “Bad Traveler” with that attitude! Do you really think that staring at your suitcase hoping it will pack itself actually works? It might, if you’re Sabrina The Teenage Witch! Next time you’re thinking of taking a trip, do yourself a favor and try any of these amazing easy, breezy, packing hacks. 


Size Matters Now Ship

The more space you have in your suitcase, the more tempting it is to fill it all up, even if it’s with things you don’t need to bring. Save yourself the hassle and buy a smaller case, and you’ll realise how light you can actually pack!


Mix and Match BlogSpot

When it comes to clothes, it’s really easy to get carried away. Instead of bringing half your wardrobe, try packing clothes that can be dressed up as well as down, and that you can layer depending on the weather. 


All Zipped Up! Onedio

No washing machine? No problem! Mix water and detergent in a ziplock bag and you can have clean clothes in minutes, just remember to close the bag before you shake it!


Versatility Is Key Taginstant

When you have limited space, every item matters, so it’s good to pack items that have more than one use. For example, a sarong can double up as a blanket, as well as a head scarf, pillow or even a curtain in a tent! Mix and match, and create 5 or 6 looks with just one pair of jeans, or take a tank top or two that you can layer, but don’t take 6 or 7, just in case. Remember, if you need anything, you’ll be able to buy it there!


Put A Sock In It! Pinterest

Most people are fine to just throw their underwear into the bottom of their bag, which is great until you actually need to get to them. Instead, why not try balling them up with your socks and tucking them into your shoes – both for extra space and quick access!


Band Together ScoopNest

If you’ve used all the other tips and are still short on space, there’s one method that will always help you out. Roll up your clothes and use some rubber bands to secure them, and voila! You’ve just doubled your available space!


Lighten Your Load Credit Card Chaser

There’s a lot of things you need on vacation, but the cards for your local gym, library and supermarket probably won’t come in handy. Leave them at home, and not only will your wallet be lighter, but you will have prevented a nightmare if you’re unlucky enough to lose it.


Toiletry Trouble Tumblr

Let’s face it, unless you’re going on holiday to a remote cave or mountain, they’re going to have toiletries wherever you end up. Save yourself the airport stress and leave the shower gel at home, you can always buy more once you’re there.


New Perspective Home Inspiration

Sometimes, it only takes the smallest change to revolutionize your packing completely. Next time you’re trying to decide what clothes to wear, try folding them vertically, so you can see at a glance what’s going to make the cut.


Phoning It In Sorority Lyfe

We use our phones every day, so using them on holiday should be no trouble at all! Apps can replace some of the heaviest things in your suitcase, whether that’s a decade old map or the romance novel you’ve been dying to read!