Maria Logis Was Given a Grim Prognosis, But She Sang Her Way Through The Fear Until a Miracle Occurred

A woman with cancer turned to music for solace and a miracle occurred.

Posted on: August 25, 2017

Maria Logis Was Given a Grim Prognosis, But She Sang Her Way Through The Fear Until a Miracle Occurred

We don’t know if music can really heal cancer, but we’d like to think it played a very important role in the life of this awe-inspiring lady, Maria Logis, who was stroked by a devastating prognosis. Instead of letting cancer get the best of her, she brought the very best of her forward, and sang her way through the cancer, fear, and self-doubt. She took comfort in music to help her cope, and that’s when something miraculous and unexpected occurred.


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Maria Logis was a pretty busy business woman. She worked 60 to 80 hours a week as a General Manager for Con Edison, a major New York City area utilities provider, but she absolutely loved her job and was very, very good at it, so she didn’t see the reason to slow down. 


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In 1994, the born-and-raised New Yorker’s life abruptly changed when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, which left her devastated and confused. Here was a woman who had been running at full speed when cancer made her come to a crashing halt.


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Maria started praying, saying “I don’t mind dying if that’s what’s in the plan. But please, God, keep me out of the hands of the doctors.” Understandably, she didn’t want to end up in the hospital for life.


The Divine Idea Mayakmusic

As Maria devoutly kept praying, an idea popped into mind, and she couldn’t help but listen. “Maybe you should sing,” she wondered. With no previous musical background, she couldn’t accept the idea of taking up singing during her health crisis, as she wouldn’t be able to juggle so much stress. 


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Maria remembered thinking, “Where did that come from? It’s a stupid idea! It’s ridiculous!” But, then her friends and family got involved, and offered their support, encouraging her to let go, and start singing away. She started pursuing music just like the voice in her head had suggested.


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She started working with Alan Turry, a music therapist, who accompanied Maria on the piano during several sessions, which he calls “creative improvisation”. But for Maria, these musical sessions turned out to be what may have possibly saved her life. 


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Nothing was happening, and that was a good thing for Maria. When it comes to cancer, where there is inactivity, there is hope. Months later, she went to see her doctor as scheduled, and was told that her cancer hadn’t spread since her diagnosis. But it was too soon to do a little celebratory dance, so he told her to come back for a check-up in a month.


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The doctor was sure that the lymphoma would become active again, but for now, It was dormant, which meant that she wouldn’t have to deal with the other dreaded big C., chemotherapy. And that was like music to Maria’s ears.


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Maria was scared to death, but she continued her musical improvisation and her hectic day job in an attempt to live a healthy, normal life. By the year 2000, she started working part-time to focus on her music and by 2005, she retired to focus solely on performing and writing the beautiful songs that would open her horizons in ways she would’ve never imagined. 


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Over twenty years have passed since Maria’s grim prognosis, and she’s still one active, rocking lady, unlike her lymphoma. Did music therapy really helped Maria fight her cancer prognosis? No one can really know for sure, but it did open her eyes to the intrinsic value of creativity and changed her life for the better. They say music has a way to give a soul to the Universe, and no ones knows this better than this strong songbird.