Marketing Experts Will Go To Any Lengths To Sell You Stuff, And Guess What? It's Working Thanks To These 10 Reasons

These curiosities about the world of Marketing will probably make you rethink your whole world!

Posted on: July 11, 2017

Marketing Experts Will Go To Any Lengths To Sell You Stuff, And Guess What? It's Working Thanks To These 10 Reasons

We all know that in today’s world, if you want your product to be seen, hear, and bought, you better stand out creatively, so that your potential clients know you exist. But did you know there’s a whole world of shady moves and manipulation that goes on behind a simple ad? Trust me, when companies want to sell something, they’ll go to ANY lengths to do it. ANY. LENGTHS. 


All About Rebranding Cetus News

If you look at a muffin, it’s just a plain, brown individual cake. But if you add some icing, fun colors and sprinkles, and a trendy packaging on top of that ball of carbs and butter, you got yourself a beautiful cupcake that can be sold for twice as much!


Lazy Buyers Funny Modo

Oh, plastic packages, you’ve got a special place in heaven! So conveniently packed in large numbers, and who could pass up a pack of 6 beers, when they offer a small discount, and you KNOW you’re just going to buy another one tomorrow? What? Did you think it was a big coincidence that marketers know we’re lazy AF? Water, sodas, beers…it all comes in packs, because they KNOW you’ll get tempted to just buy them all at once and avoid going to the store again. Cha ching! 


Celebrities Know Best Brighside

It’s not uncommon to see products endorsed by celebrities of all walks of life. Think about Sofia Vergara for Covergirl, or any soccer player for sportswear and trainers. As customers, we feel safe if the product is “recommended” by a well known person. Now, we’ll be right back, we need to get some Brad Pitt atfter shave and some Selena Gomez toothpaste! 


Mind Games Part 2 Funny Modo

Supermarkets are evil! How? By playing hit songs to make us feel comfortable, using red price tags to make us think that a product is on sale, but worst of all, they give you these huge carts to tempt us to buy more products. These are only a few of the tricks up their sleeves.


Guilty by Association Brighside

Think about the chocolate bar Milky Way floating in a glass of milk. Scrumptious, right? Now think of a rain of delicious Skittles forming a rainbow. TV commercials are all about association and making the products appeal to us even more than if they were just laying there on a boring old ceramic bowl. 


Mind Games Funny Modo

Restaurants know exactly how to attract costumers’ attention with their menus! They just take some classic family associations, delicious descriptions, warm colors and voila: you got yourself an entire table full of happy clients who are ready to order, pronto! How many times have we seen “Grandma’s Chicken Soup” written on a menu? Or “Aunt Jemima’s Traditional Recipe”?


Double The Sales Albeu

Have you ever seen TV commercials of vitamin C pills? Did you notice how there are always two dissolving into that crystal clear water? The secret is out! We tend to copy what we see, but then the product runs out faster and we rush out to buy more!


Obsolete Products Funny Modo

From potato peelers, to razor blades, to pens, the question is: Why do they become obsolete so fast? And you probably already know the answer to this. To increase the sales, duh!


The Pink Tax Brighside

It’s hard to be a woman, and the ‘pink tax’ is one of the reasons why! Turns out, products for women and girls cost 7% more than those for the opposite sex. Talk about equality!


What You See’s Not What You Get Viva News

If there’s one thing marketing experts love doing is misrepresenting. The key lies in the finer print. For example: Pringles are not really potato chips and certain sliced cheeses are not actually cheese! Feeling a little skeptical? We don’t blame ya! Check the Nutrition Facts label and get ready to feel conned.