Men Look For These Subconscious Traits In Women Even When They Are Not Aware Of It

Check out these traits that men don’t even know they want in a woman.

Posted on: May 12, 2017

Men Look For These Subconscious Traits In Women Even When They Are Not Aware Of It

You think it’d be obvious what traits men find attractive in women, but it turns out that the answers aren’t what you think. Men’s preferences for what they want in the opposite sex aren’t only driven by physical traits, but by personality, as well. Yeah! Shocker! But here’s something you probably didn’t know about men. They’re looking for all these traits without even being aware of it! 


Plain Jane Wins The Day Tumblr

For decades women have been held up to unattainable ideals of feminine beauty. I mean, how many people can actually look like Angelina Jolie, amirite? According to Dr. Kang Lee, a psychologist at the University of Toronto, “…[T]here’s something we have genetically that’s driving us to prefer to look at something that’s average.”


Energy Levels The Place 2

Men equate a women with high energy as youthful and healthy. It all goes back to the primal need to reproduce and have strong, hardy offspring. Not only will an exuberant woman be a good mate, but she’ll most likely live longer, as well.


Symmetry Mirror UK

It’s long been proven that both men and women are drawn toward faces that are symmetrical. Having good symmetry can be an indicator that a person is healthy, has developed normally, and is a good choice for a mate because chances are the offspring will have symmetry, too.


A Makeup Free Face Moby Picture

Ladies, you do what you want with your face and we know you don’t wear makeup just to please men! But apparently, men consider women to be the most attractive when they wear less makeup. According to a study from The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, men prefer it when women allow their natural beauty to shine through.


Wide Hips Pinterest

Scientific research has shown that men prefer women with wider hips because they’re viewed as more fertile, and their bodies are better suited for child bearing. In a UC Santa Barbara study it was also discovered that curvy women are smarter, live longer, and tend to produce children who are also healthier and smarter.


A Unique Scent Chuangsong

It’s been discovered that men will “sniff out” mates who are genetically compatible to them. Drawn by pheromones released by women’s bodies, a man will (subconsciously) seek a partner with a strong immune system, which means that they’ll bear children with strong immune systems, as well.


A Smile’s Allure Pinterest

A smile doesn’t just brighten up a room, it can also lure the opposite sex. Research has shown that men are naturally drawn to women who smile a lot. Not only does a smile make someone look more attractive, but it can signal that a woman is more approachable and agreeable.


A High Pitched Voice Pinterest

I guess women with low sultry voices are only appealing in romance novels because it turns out that IRL men like high-pitched voices. Studies have shown that high-pitched voices are considered to be very feminine, youthful, and indicative of a smaller body size.


Shiny, Long Locks Rebloggy

Healthy hair has always been a sign of good health. If someone is sick then their hair will likely be dry, dull, and brittle. So it’s with good reason that men are drawn to women with shiny, lustrous hair. And whether they know it or not, men view it as a sign of fertility.


White Teeth Pinterest

This one may seem obvious, but white teeth are seen as more attractive than teeth that are stained and yellowed with age. Um, yeah. On women, white teeth are also seen as a marker of good health and “reproductive value.” Good thing this trait is easy to achieve with a quick trip to the drugstore.