People Online Confess What It's Like To Be On a Reality TV Show. It's Definitely Eye-Opening

“Reality” is not the word anyone would use for these shows.

Posted on: May 31, 2017

People Online Confess What It's Like To Be On a Reality TV Show. It's Definitely Eye-Opening

If you ever wondered what happened behind the scenes on popular hit TV shows like The Bachelor and Inked, why not ask the people who experienced them first hand? These folks took to Reddit to share their experiences and prove once more that reality is deeeefinitely stranger than fiction!


They Left Him Hanging Twicopy

Dreadedm’s cousin wanted a nice tattoo but when he came back to continue the process, they were long gone.“Several years ago, my cousin went in for a tattoo at the shop from ‘Inked’. The one in Vegas. It was an ‘off’ filming day, so NONE of the artists from the show were in. He got his tattoo started, and they asked him to come back in a few weeks when it was healed up to schedule an appointment to finish it. When he showed up, filming for the season was finished. The shop was closed, cleaned out, and the space was for sale.”


Everyone Needs A Friendly Doctor Who Hands Out These Digitalspy

Igottahavemypops says Jerry Springer’s crew had him covered should he need to skip work that day. Spoiler alert: it was all fake!“I was on Jerry Springer. The episode never aired but the entire thing was fake. They even asked me to find friends to complete the storyline of a double love triangle. Coolest part of it all was when they literally asked me if I wanted a fake doctor’s note or a fake death certificate made out in a fake family members name in order to get me out of work. They literally had a guy on staff whose only job was to get people out of work so they could attend filming.”


Don’t Let A Major Terrorist Attack Bother You Chicagotribune

Otisanek also had a Jerry Springer story. His was all set to appear on the show but then 9/11 happened. Bummer!“My ex was scheduled to appear on Jerry Springer once. His girlfriend at the time was a topless dancer, and their show recruiters went to the club she was dancing at to pick up girls for upcoming episodes. She agreed to film, and managed to get a deal where my ex would get to appear on the show with her. Behind the scenes negotiations involved coming up with a storyline and light scripting (the plot would be that he was appearing on the show to propose to his stripper girlfriend, and she would reveal that she was actually prostituting herself and would introduce him to her pimp). The show runners loved it and even agreed to provide an engagement ring for the bit. So he woke up for his morning flight, turned on the TV while he packed, and watched the twin towers fall on live TV. 9/11 blocked his chance at white trash fame.”


Not So Scary Syfy

BosskHogg wanted to see a supernatural encounter in real life, but found out that these shows are more terrestrial than spiritual. Ouch! Right on the skepticism bone!“I was on set for a filming go Ghost Hunters in Buffalo. On the show, they are “investigating” an upper level of the Buffalo Central Terminal when they hear a “disembodied” voice say “Get out!” It was the property manager on a lower level yelling at some homeless people to clear out. Everyone knew it was him, but it somehow made it in the show as an “unexplained” event.”


Fabricated Idol Thestar

Jupitergal23 wanted to be a star, but the show’s lawyers had the ultimate saying and didn’t vote for him.“I tried out for Canadian Idol. Reading the contract they made us sign, it literally stated that the producers could override the fan votes if needed to make sure the person they wanted to win, would win. So yeah. I still tried out. I was not the next Canadian Idol.”


Shoddy Makeovers Blog.Mediaparents

Peakyblinders found that the premise of a show isn’t even respected by the producers themselves.“When I was in university about 7 years ago we got an email inviting us to take part in 60 minute makeover (UK). It’s a show where a person’s family calls in a team of experts to totally re-furnish their house while they’re away from home for the day. The audience at home are led to believe that all of the work is done within 60 minutes, and they make a point to start their countdown on camera and rush everyone in to meet their deadline. About 10 of us joined the makeover team at around 8am on the day and were given flat-pack furniture to make outside the house before they started the makeover. The crew had a skip outside where they threw all of this poor unsuspecting guy’s furniture, only to be replaced with this cheap stuff that was only available to him via sponsorship of the programme. (They list all of the new furniture’s manufacturers in the credits at the end of the show.) They also masked off all of the skirting boards and light switches ready for painting before we were let loose inside. We were let into the house as a member of the ITV crew declared the start of our 60 minutes. After 30 minutes of frantic, patchy wall painting, carrying lamps, uncomfortable seating and chip board coffee tables into the house we were told to vacate. We then had lunch in the street while the experts went in to clean up our mess and then did it all again for another strict 30 minutes.After we were finished and the official 60 minutes were over, there was another period of professionals tidying and filling in our shoddy decorating before we all gathered outside and waited for a man to come home from work. He would find that all of his furniture had been smashed into a skip outside his house and replaced with stuff that may look good on camera for a couple of seconds during a quick sequence, but would be very disappointing to live with. This man would be happy about his makeover and we would leave the scene as more experienced, well rounded students with an insight into TV Production.”


They Erased Her Existence Ibtimes

IDontWatchTheNews’ friend had a real connection with the Bachelor but the producers made her to be someone she was not, and in the end they got rid of her.“I had a friend on the Bachelor this last season and the show cut out almost all of her content. She made it pretty far. She explained how they actually really connected, but they never had any drama or anything generally interesting besides what real people talk about it. So in the end the show just made her seem like a boring dumb girl. It all made a lot of sense when she explained it. Also cleared up why she was pretty hurt even though it looked like she didn’t have that much of a connection compared to other girls.”


Finding Your Dream House Imdb

EgoSumAbbas said in shows like these it’s all been arranged beforehand. They didn’t find their dream home, it was presented to them by the producers, duh!“My sister’s friend’s family was on House Hunters several years ago, and everything about it was staged. They had already decided on the house before the show even started filming, and other two “options” that the couple was “considering” were found afterwards. They filmed a bunch of fake conversations between the family members to make it seem like they were still making up their minds. The thing is, this was a Latino family, and every member struggled heavily with English. The conversation scenes were obviously forced, as these people were just stumbling their way through scripted English sentences and it was obvious that they would have been having the conversation in Spanish if they were on their own. The issue was so bad that I’m surprised they even aired the episode.”


Cut! Do it Again! Klear

Mipster97’s friend wasn’t good at acting so they had him react over and over again to his “surprise reveal” until he got it just right.“My mate was on “tattoo fixers” if you don’t know what it is, basically they get people in with tattoos they regret and make a design they don’t tell them about, tattoo it on and cover the old one up and “surprise” them at the end. He filmed the “big surprise reveal” like 5 times because he wasn’t surprised enough.”


Practical Effects

Melizard89’s best friend was on “16 & Pregnant” and while some might say it was a little late to shoot her scenes once she gave birth, these producers weren’t going to just give up on the idea just yet.“Not me, but my best friend was on 16 & Pregnant. Now I don’t know if this is always the case, but none of the drama on her episode was fabricated. However at one point, they did ask her to reenact a conversation that she had had with her mother off camera. The funny part is, they had her reenact it about a week after giving birth so she was no longer pregnant. To hide that, she wore a big sweatshirt and held a teddy bear in front of her tummy so you couldn’t tell the difference.”