Police Dog Is Fired for Being Extremely Adorable, And We Have To Agree

But he then was hired in another job that perfectly fit with his friendliness, so don't be too sad for this lovely pup!

Posted on: June 19, 2017

Police Dog Is Fired for Being Extremely Adorable, And We Have To Agree

Being inefficient. Always coming in late. Being disrespectful to your boss. Those are probably some of the most common reasons a person can get fired for. However, German shepherd Gavel got laid off from his police duties for being extremely adorable and playful—who would’ve thought! Discover all about Gavel and the job he got offered after being fired from the police force.


Meet Gavel OddChatter

Gavel is an extremely adorable German shepherd from Brisbane, Eastern Australia. Like many other German shepherds, Gavel started working in the police force because they’re an ideal breed for police training and work.


Join the Force Am730

The Queensland Police Service hired this cute German shepherd. When Gavel was about 10 weeks old, he was taken to the Governor’s residence because that’s the requirement during dog’s police training.


Crash Course Instagram

Gavel was on his way to becoming an official police dog to help policemen catch thieves and sniff for drugs or explosives. However, Gavel preferred to be adorable, lay on his back and be belly rubbed and spoiled. Who can blame him?


Firing Line Kwqc

Unfortunately, Gavel’s cuteness was not what the police force needed, so he was laid off. No one was too worried, though; being so good looking, it wasn’t gonna take long before he found another gig.


Up for Adoption Dailymail

Governor Paul de Jersey found out about Gavel’s unemployed status and immediately decided to adopt him. Gavel had already spent a few weeks at his house during training—Paul wasn’t gonna lose the opportunity of adopting Gavel this time!


All Work, All Play Mirror

Gavel was back at work, but this time his duties were different: he was now the official Vice-Regal dog. This means he has to show up in ceremonies or special events, but can continue to be his cute self the rest of the time. Talk about finding the perfect gig for him!


Signed and Sealed Viralized

Since Gavel is now part of the Governor’s official residence, he had to sign a contract that describes his duties: welcoming visitors, attending official ceremonies, and being completely adorable.


Suit Up Abcnews

Gavel went from wearing cute police force uniforms to being dressed with adorable little outfits for his new duties as the Governor’s dog. If he was already extremely adorable, imagine now that he has to wear fancy outfits for so many over-the-top events!


A Dog at Heart Abc7

Apart from being the official dog of Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey and having signed a contract, Gavel is still a playful dog at heart. He sometimes forgets all about good manners to play around his fancy residence and simply be a playful dog.


Your Purpose in Life NYdailynews

Gavel’s story is an inspiration to many who lose their jobs because they’re not fit for a certain position. This teaches us that, if we don’t fit, it’s probably because we’re doing the wrong thing. In the end, we all have a real purpose in life—we just have to discover it!