Redditors Confess What It's Life To Be Extremely Attractive. And No, It's Not That Great

Being hot is obviously cool, but sometimes it draws too much attention.

Posted on: May 11, 2017

Redditors Confess What It's Life To Be Extremely Attractive. And No, It's Not That Great

As Derek Zoolander so eloquently put it, there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. But just in case you wondered what it was like to be so hot, everyone turned to look at you at bars, check out these redditors’ confessions and get ready to get a little jealous. 


Insecurities Will Follow You, Always Pinterest

MaryJanePotson talks about how being attractive becomes a part of who you are. There’s no escaping it no matter your age. It’s become your entire persona and sometimes, you fear you might lose it.“When people constantly tell you how pretty you are, you’re forced to focus on it. It’s expected of you to be pretty, it becomes a big part of your self-esteem, you’re worried about losing it. If you’re not constantly told your pretty, yes there’s the occasional reminder but you’re not worried about losing something you don’t have either. Most of your self-esteem is attached to things you do like skills or hobbies. Attractive people tend to attribute praise they get for non-physical accomplishments to their looks. ‘She’s just telling me she likes my work to be nice, because she’s attracted to me, wants to sleep with me.’”


Some Redditors Think They're Not That Hot Cambio

Redditor Heartbreakcity says people comment on how good he looks, but he considers himself to be just another normal person. Sometimes we’re our worst critiques, while other times, it just means you’ve gotten used to your features.“I get told I am attractive, I get hit on, I’ve never lacked for interest. But objectively, I find my face and figure extremely ordinary. I’ve grown up with them, so maybe I’m used to them. But I don’t look at myself and think, “I’m pretty,” I look at myself and think, “Meh, I’m okay.” Consequently, being told I’m attractive makes me somewhat uncomfortable, because it’s impossible for me to see it as anything but unnecessary flattery.”


Are You a Bad Comedian? Pray You’re Beautiful Then The Huffington Post

Action_lawnmower says his jokes get a better reaction because he’s good looking, but they fall flat behind a computer screen when people can’t see how hot they are.“It’s really easy to be funny. People are apt to laugh more openly when they like the person speaking, and sadly our society tends to pre-judge attractive people as more likable. I feel like the funniest dude on earth during face to face conversation, all witty and quick, but then I come on here and you all downvote me straight to Biloxi.”


People Have No Regard For Personal Space Business Insider

An anonymous user commented on how her good looks have some pros and cons, like everything in life. But the cons are really creepy and annoying, particularly when guys try to follow you, or grope you.“Pros being that sometimes […] guys at stores give you free stuff. People often have more faith in you to do certain things, or find you more trustworthy. Sometimes (not all the time, certainly) you don’t have to work as hard to manipulate someone, or argue your point. It’s pretty easy for me to believe that someone I find attractive will also find me attractive. When I see an ad for some sort of product (make-up, clothing), I can rationally believe it will/could look good on me. Cons being that men call out to you and/or follow you without warning. It happens in stores, gas stations, parking lots, my workplaces (mostly customer service). They have no regard for what I’m doing, what I want, or that I might be attached. Men bait-n-switch constantly (like, approach you as if they have an actual question, but then transition to hard-core flirting or solicitation), which is confusing, annoying, and a huge waste of my time. If someone wants to insult you, they often go after your looks. People assume that you have money, which I’ve found both damaging and inconvenient. When I waited tables, I used to get tipped less the more make-up I wore. Other people feel really, really comfortable commenting on your looks, especially in a negative way. I used to get the “smile request” a lot, which I find really insulting. I’ve never known a non-attractive woman or any man to get the “smile request.” An attractive person is expected to be attractive all the time.”


Living With Attractive People Hello Magazine

A deleted user talked about how how he doesn’t consider himself beautiful, but his relatives are. Unless he’s with them, people tend to dismiss him immediately.“I am not attractive. My fiancé, and her two sisters, are crazy good looking. But they are very good at it. And it’s constant. It never lets up. As soon as one group of dude-bros falls to their polite declines, the next follows. Walking into a bar with all three of them with me… it’s like living another life. A life where people notice and talk to you. Guys assume I’m the gay friend, and when it comes out that Me and my SO are engaged they look at me like “Dude. That is impossible.” All I can do is shrug apologetically. I don’t know what I’ve done right.”


Just Leave Him Alone IPG Lab

LukeTheLumberjack says people just won’t leave him alone. He gets asked out all the time and has to avoid potential candidates all the freaking time. But is he suffering from first world problems?“It’s alright. People are nicer to you. You can get away with saying shitty things. I have a really attractive girlfriend so that’s cool. Though she never has trusted me after all this time. You have stalkers too. So there’s that. You have to get used to having and preparing for the discussion you have when your “friend” finally admits to having feelings for you (even though you knew and have been avoiding it for months). You become an expert at tiptoeing around people at bars who keep trying to lock eyes with you. You also become an expert at ditching said people after they finally walk over to talk to you. I’m usually asked if I’m gay, then I get asked if I can have my mind changed after saying I’m straight. Then again free drinks are always cool.”


Double Trouble Firefly Daily

Killshelter gets hit on incessantly by members of both sexes and he wants none of it. He wouldn’t change it for anything else in the world, though!“Honestly if you’re not attractive you’ll hate these responses. Obviously I’d rather be attractive than unattractive but it’s not all great. I can’t go to a bar just to have a drink, when girls start talking to me and I genuinely don’t like them I don’t really have any conversation with them my friends will give me endless shit. First world problems. People will find it incredibly hard to see past your looks. They assume you’re an idiot. In my case, I’m not that smart but at least I have common sense. Intelligent girls don’t take you seriously. This is one of the worst things. Relentlessly getting hit on by gay guys even after you tell them you’re straight. I don’t pay for drinks anyway so I could do without this. Having to turn down sex from rather unattractive girls that are really cool. I have a few friends that I am not attracted to but consider them dear friends that you inevitably have to have that conversation with. Your girlfriend will never trust you. I consider myself a jokester. I love fcking with people and I love making them laugh. My twin brother and I fck with just about everybody. It’s hard to tell when people are laughing because they want you to like them or if you’re genuinely making them laugh. But obviously it’s pretty damn great.”


He Wishes He Wasn’t Beautiful Youtube

OneTreestump says he has trouble having a real relationship, because after they get over his good looks, there’s nothing else keeping them together.“This is really hard to answer without being vain. The truth is I’m an incredibly handsome young man and I’m 6’5. It’s really hard to be who you want to be because people automatically assume they think you must be a super cool athletic guy. Or a super douchy frat bro. In reality I’m kind of a dorky nerd. People definitely treat you different. It’s incredibly easy to get jobs and to earn peoples trust. But because it’s so easy to earn peoples trust it makes it even easier to betray it. It’s hard to find intimate relationships. All my relationships start because a girl becomes infatuated with my looks and that’s usually where it ends. People expect me to be a douche bag because I look like I walked out of a Polo Ralph Lauren magazine. All in all it’s very difficult. I sometimes wish I wasn’t handsome. Think about it like this: How many of you have ever said, “I would marry Emma Watson in a heartbeat” You don’t know her you just know how she looks. It sucks to have people make those kinds of assumptions based of your looks.”


Creeps Begone The Huffington Post

Nopants-dance has been assaulted on several occasions. Make no mistake, groping is assault and it must stop.“I’m an attractive girl (there’s no way to say that without sounding pretentious) and I have been followed from bar to bar by older men, some of whom have actually groped me. One perk as a girl, however, is that bouncers do tend to keep an eye on you. I was at a bar outside of DC and there was a connected outdoor patio and a bouncer at the fence and about 45 minutes after I had arrived the bouncer came over to me and told me that there had been 2 older men outside talking about me waiting for me to leave and he had called back up security to escort me when I wanted to leave. It’s good that they look out for people, but it sucks that they even have to do that in the first place.”


It’s All About Self Confidence Pinterest

PrettyPoltergeist, despite what her username implies, doesn’t feel pretty. And she says it happens to everyone, even celebrities or the hot guy round the block. Even if your face has been carved by the gods, you still feel ugly.“You never feel pretty. I’ve been told I am a lot, and objectively I can see some good features (from certain angles anyway), but I don’t ever feel pretty. I feel gross and fat and spotty and uneven. I feel awkward and out of place and like I have the biggest nose in the world. Especially when I take my glasses off, I look like an idiot without glasses. I guarantee to you the hottest person you know in your life feels awful about themselves. Kim Kardashian has to tweeze Kim Kardashian’s unibrow. When you see all your own gross details, it’s hard to feel attractive. Which is why I don’t buy the whole “fishing for compliments” thing. If someone is shit talking themselves, I usually assume that’s how they actually feel even if it doesn’t reflect reality.”