Sometimes Products Are Flawed, While Other Times They Fail So Hard, It Hurts

Laugh about some of the worst product malfunctions you will ever see.

Posted on: May 08, 2017

Sometimes Products Are Flawed, While Other Times They Fail So Hard, It Hurts

We live in the era of consumerism, a time when buying and interchanging products is commonplace. When we invest money in a certain item, we trust the manufacturer blindly and expect our product to function properly. However, no matter how big or small the manufacturer is, things can go wrong and the product might not work as expected. Check out the most hilarious product fails—because when things don’t go as expected, laughing about them is the best choice.


PDA Reddit

Public display of affection? More like public display of alteration. This car company bought a rotating car display but it ended up flipping over and crashing the car—the owners must’ve flipped out when they saw this.


A Belly Laugh Emgn

We know boobs and genitalia are the more common victims of a wardrobe malfunction, but this bobsledder became the laughing stock for having his belly button out in the open. This is simply embarrassing, especially before sliding down a narrow iced track in front of a crowd.


Start Your Engines Airlinestravel

Or engine. Singular. While other passengers have no idea of this situation, we kind of feel sorry for the one who chose that window seat. Though you might go all Final-Destination on this scenario, keep calm: this only means the plane will not be as fuel efficient as if it had two engines—and it will fly lower and not as far.


It's a Sign Rebrn

Well, a malfunctioning sign that works in their favor this time. The gas station might have lost a few bucks, but this gas pump definitely made your day—and your wallet’s.


Matching Machine Collegehumor

Was someone trying to play Tetris or buy a drink? We don’t exactly know how this ended up like this, but we assure you you’d have to be super lucky to complete an order in this puzzled vending machine.


The Bright Teeth Maker Memedroid

This dental clinic advertises itself for brightening teeth, yet—ironically—they can’t seem to have a well-functioning “bright now” sign. Thank you, irony, you twisted mother effer!


Back-End Billboards Noticiasen3minutos

Billboards are supposed to display advertising, not what goes on back-end. This public board probably left many pedestrians laughing at this troubleshoot malfunction.


Sky Diving Today

Talking about malfunctioning planes, this one just took it too far. When the pilot saw there was no quick fix, he jumped out at the right time to save himself—except for some minor injuries. Sort of like that sky-diving adventure you wished for, just without the wishing part.


The Bus and the Furious Catsmob

It seems like this bus is part of a car racing game and someone just applied a booster to make it speed up. Well, we hope not; we don’t want this Swedish public transport getting a speeding ticket or going all Fast-and-the-Furious on pedestrians.


Pic Stop 3rabeto.blogspot

When their van broke down, the people driving this vehicle didn’t actually get the usual pit stop. They probably were too tired to change the tire, so they had a pic stop to laugh about their little incident.