Stomach Pain? Feeling Restless? Reflexology Can Help Your Baby In More Ways That You Can Imagine

Reflexology isn’t just for adults, you know!

Posted on: August 15, 2017

Stomach Pain? Feeling Restless? Reflexology Can Help Your Baby In More Ways That You Can Imagine

As far as ancient practices go, reflexology is still considered to be the most relaxing alternative therapies available to man. It involves using pressure points all over the body to help alleviate pain. It’s amazing how the different parts of our bodies are interlinked and how pressing different parts of the feet can help with different conditions. But this ancient art can also be a great way to soothe babies who are suffering from a stomach ache and other ailments. 


Do You Understand Reflexology? Tripsavvy

Reflexology works with the central nervous system to help with aches and pains. Applying pressure to areas on the feet, ears or hands, can work with nerves all over the body to relieve problems in a natural way.


Babies Can Benefit From It Lovethispic

Many parents are turning to reflexology to soothe their babies when they’re suffering from various ailments. As they’re just adjusting to the world, it provides a natural way to help them release stress and helps them deal with toothache or stomach pain. 


Make Sure They’re Relaxed Cuddledry

Before attempting any kind of reflexology, it’s important that the subject – in this case, the baby – is feeling comfortable and relaxed. A warm bath or a general foot rub should get them ready and prepared. Always make sure to be gentle as you’re supposed to apply pressure in a very delicate manner.


Abdomen Pain Babyreflex

If your baby is constipated or suffering from heartburn or indigestion, you just know they’re having a really bad time. They can’t even explain why they’re suffering and if it’s ever going to stop. Massage the space between the middle area and the pads of their feet, or between the middle of the heel if they’re bloated. The pain will slowly hush, hush, and go away.


Headache & Toothache Goodhousekeeping

Babies often have teeth pain and headaches– poor little things! If you’re at your wit’s end and you want to help, try massaging the tips of their toes. You can even do it while they’re sleeping, guaranteed a good night’s sleep for both of you.


Sinus Pain Wallpaperstop

Even as an adult, sinus pain is horrible so imagine how tough it must be for a baby to endure it. They don’t know what’s going on, so it can feel unbearable, and not being able to understand how to stop it can cause them to stress out. Massaging the center underside of their toes can really help give them relief. Make sure the pressure is as gentle as a lamb.


Chest Pain Theasianparent

Congestion in a baby’s chest leads to coughing problems and pain. If you softly massage the pads of their feet, just under their toes and right above where the arch can be found, you’ll relieve these symptoms right away. Just make sure you use a circular motion and take all the time in the world to soothe your baby’s ailment. 


Tummy Pains 107EspacioAbierto

Tummy aches are the worst! Whether it’s causing your baby to have trouble breathing, suffering from spasms, and aches, massaging the center of their feet below the pads and the beginning of their arches will really help soothe him. That’s because these areas of the feet are connected to nerves in the tummy, helping your baby relax as you gently rub him.


Pelvis Pain Mumandbabysanctuary

Babies get growing pains, and their hips bear the brunt of their bodies growing faster ever day. Rubbing the heel really helps (and it can help with upset tummies, too) so give it a shot when you feel your baby has started to feel uncomfortable and upset. 


Let The Pros Handle It Shareably

Despite the many benefits reflexology has to offer, you shouldn’t assume it’ll be enough to treat different ailments. Always inform your doctor before you try anything, and if your baby is restless, uncomfortable or undergoing pain, see a pediatrician and get treatment. A doctor is your safest bet when it comes to dealing with any kind of medical issues. However, for life’s little issues and upset stomachs, reflexology is your best bet.