The Most Expensive Boarding Schools In The World

These are the expensive boarding schools where leaders are made.

Posted on: April 06, 2017

The Most Expensive Boarding Schools In The World

There’s nothing more important to a parent than their children’s education, but some of them can actually afford to pay a little extra to ensure their future is even more successful. When it comes to prestigious schools, there’s a wide array of luxurious organizations that will gladly take your money, up to hundreds of thousands in fact, and provide the best education money can buy. If you were wondering where leaders were made, then look no further than these impressive schools from around the world.


The Hurtwood House School In England Stanford & Ackel

Located in Surrey, England and set in an Edwardian mansion with 200 acres of grounds, the Hurtwood House School hosts only 340 students and is one of the most unique of their kind. They place a strong focus on sports like cricket, golf, weight training, horseback riding, and mountain biking. When it comes to art, they offer music, movie, and performance classes. They place such a strong emphasis on performance, that a recent play they put on stage had a $90,000 budget. Some of their notable students include Emily Blunt, Jack Huston, Aidan Gillen, and Hans Zimmer and their tuition fees go as high as $62,504.


Brillantmont International School In Switzerland Swiss Learning

This majestic family-run boarding school possesses a strong array of extra curricular activities. They include community service activities, a debate delegation with a model United Nations. Children can play sports like water polo, spinning, Zumba, trampoline and yoga, and they can also participate in the musical arts, learn all about journalism, and practice their photographic skills as the school features photography as one of their classes. Overlooking the Lake Geneva, this higher education paradise will set you back $67,991.


The American School In Switzerland Net Jungle

TASIS for short, is the first US school to be set up in Europe, laying in the Dollina d’Oro in the Swiss mountains. Their amenities come with music rooms, fitness centers, art studios, and photo labs. They also provide gymnastics, dancing, and sport areas. They also count American mountain climber Francys Arsentiev, performer Jeanie Cunningham, and Italian-American film director Francesca Gregorini as some of their noteworthy attendees. Their tuition? $76,277! Not too shabby if you’re looking for an all-around European educational experience. 


The Think Global School Think Global School

We can’t exactly pinpoint where the school is located, because they are constantly on the move! Founded in 2010, this school takes their pupils to four different countries per year and allows them to live and learn on the road. With one teacher for every four students, they tailor their teaching process according to each person’s interests. Notable places they’ve visited include Sweden, Italy, New Zealand, Tanzania, Japan and so many more. But how much would an international experience like this cost? The school’s program decides tuition costs according to students’ family income, assets and debts, but on average it’ll set you back $79,000.


St. George’s School In Switzerland ABC News Point

The St. George’s International School overlooks Lake Geneva and is one of the most expensive boarding schools in the country. It supports 480 pupils aged 3 to 18, and offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities like combat sports, break dancing, rock climbing, snowboarding, studio and movie editing, debating, and even offers jazz orchestra classes. You can enroll your kids for a mere $80,526.


Leysin American School In Switzerland Capstone Vietnam

Located in Leysin, an alpine resort village, this school is popular for its exclusive ski and snowboard facilities. Every year they have excursions to Croatia, Romania, Italy, Germany, and many other countries where students get to learn while socializing with natives from those regions, practice sports, and travel the world. 350 students from 60 different nationalities benefit from their facilities which include multiple libraries, a theater, and frequent skiing, of course. Members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia are among their students and they certainly wouldn’t have any problems paying the $80,789 tuition.


Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg In Switzerland Institut auf dem Rosenberg Sankt Gallen

As you probably know by now, most of these schools are located in Switzerland, as it’s the one country that offers complete educational programs that involve travelling and attending alternative courses with a wide array of options. With 250 pupils from over 40 countries, this school is located in the city of St. Gallen but that doesn’t stop them from doing field expeditions to Geneva, Zurich, Lugano, Paris, Lucerne, Munich, Innsbruck and Milan. Their classes average at about 8 students and two teachers that maintain a strict privacy policy about the identities of their alumni. Their tuition comes to $81,666.


Collège du Léman International School In Switzerland PR Web

If you’d like to enroll your children at a really early stage, why not take them to this college at the tender age of 2? Students can remain enrolled in this prestigious school until they turn 18. Pupils learn 70% of their curriculum in English and 30% in French, but many of them wind up handling the same concepts in both languages just as well as if they were bilingual. Stretching out across eight hectares, it offers access to both the city of Geneva and the mountains. Their fee is $85,122, but it just might be what the “docteur” ordered!


College Alpin Beau Soleil In Switzerland

Located in the Swiss Alps and hosting students from more than 40 countries, this school teaches its curriculum in both English and French and offers humanitarian journeys to Madagascar, Uruguay, Tanzania, and India. Outdoor sports are encouraged with ski slopes and ice skating rinks as some of their amenities. Some of their students are even fit enough to climb the Kilimanjaro, Stables, digital recording studios, art centers and a luxurious restaurant, complete the picture and justify their $98,167 tuition fee.


Institut Le Rosey In Switzerland ArchDaily

One of the oldest and certainly one of the most prestigious schools, Institute Le Rosey, hosts pupils from ages 7 to 18, from over 60 countries, but allows no more than 10% of their students to come from one single nation, to prevent a single-dominated nationality. During the winter, they move to their facility in Gstaad, where students can enjoy ski slopes and other winter sports, and come summer they move back to Chateau du Rosey in the village of Rolle overlooking Lake Geneva. If you were to enroll here, you’d enjoy their tennis courts, jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas, sailing center, swimming pools, riding stables, ice hockey rinks.