The United Airlines Incident Shocked Us, But People Have Gotten Into Crazier Fights Aboard a Plane

Human behavior and misunderstandings turned these flights into anything but friendly skies.

Posted on: April 13, 2017

The United Airlines Incident Shocked Us, But People Have Gotten Into Crazier Fights Aboard a Plane

It seems that certain passengers often forget that they’re still in public when they board a plane. In much the same way, certain airline employees also forget that customer satisfaction comes above all else, specially when things get physical. But when you board a plane, you simply don’t know what’s going to happen. So here are some beyond unusual incidents that occurred while on an aircraft that rival United’s most recent and horrific incident.


Give Up Your Seat Now... Or Else Unilad

United Airlines overbooked a flight from Chicago to Louisville and dragged David Dao out for refusing to give up his seat. He was even slammed against an armrest, which made his mouth bleed. The man, who is a doctor, got support from his fellow passengers, and UA was forced to apologize for the unusual incident, but people felt they did it in a condescending way, and never acknowledged the lack of humanity from the security team. Dr. Dao has found a lawyer, so this story is about to get a lot more interesting!


What A Drag Edition

Richard Brandon, the billionaire founder of Virgin Atlantic lost a bet to Tony Fernandes, the founder of AirAsia back in May of 2011. So his punishment was that he had to become a flight attendant for AirAsia… in drag!


Who Stole My Baby? Herald Sun

Virgin Blue passenger Natalie Williamson claimed that her 17-month old boy, Riley was grabbed by one of the flight attendants and placed in an overhead bin, which was then locked. After a serious investigation, the airline admitted the incident did indeed happen, and the flight attendant responsible wound up in the unemployment line. Is the entire world gone crazy? 


Flight Attendants Can Rap YouTube

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant decided to do a little entertaining while informing the passengers of the safety instructions. So instead of talking, he rapped the entire pre-flight instruction, which put even the most nervous passenger at ease. While this story is the total opposite to David Dao’s incident, it proves that you never know what’s going to happen mid-air!


In Her Defense... Allegedly Elite Daily

Dr. Phil’s “Cash me ousside” guest, Danielle Bregoli lost her cool on a passenger who allegedly got in her mom’s face. So, since her mom, who was ridden with breast cancer couldn’t defend herself, the then 13-year-old punched the crap out of the woman and got herself and her mom kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight.


Bankers Gone Wild Daily Mail

An investment broker named Gerard Finneran went nuts in First Class on board a United Airlines flight to New York, all because he was refused a drink. So the 59-year-old climbed on the food cart, dropped his pants, and took a massive dump. Not only did he get 2 years probation and 300 hours of community service, but he had to pay the airline $50,000 for the cleaning bill and refunds for the passengers.


The Sky Is... Falling? Daily Mail

Kalisfena Egorova wound up being compensated with more than $200,000 courtesy of China Eastern Airlines after a bag fell on her head while on a flight from Beijing to Sydney in 2016. Fortunately, it didn’t kill her and now she’s 200 grand richer.


For Emergency Use Only Edition

On August 9th, 2010, JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater was treated by a passenger so badly, that he decided to open the emergency slide of the aircraft to leave, but not before announcing to every passenger on the P.A. that he was quitting his job. Way to tell everyone to suck it!


The Leaky Flight Quora

On March 21st, 2009, a 66-year-old woman headed for a scuba diving vacation to Hawaii got wet before she landed, but in the worst way possible. 28-year-old Jerome Kingzio wound up ruining the victim’s dress and vacation after he stood up from his seat and started peeing on her. As you can imagine, he wound up getting three weeks in jail. Hey, it’s something!


It's On Fire Sooziq

Sometimes the epic fail doesn’t involve the passengers or the flight crew, but the aircraft itself. Back in 2014, a passenger on board a Transaero Airlines flight headed from Spain to Russia, captured the burning flames of the engine on camera. Thankfully, the plane was diverted back to Barcelona just in time.