These 10 Marketing Ploys Are Shady As Hell, But We Keep Falling For Them Every Time

These decoy pricing and marketing tricks will mess with your minds and budget when you shop.

Posted on: April 21, 2017

These 10 Marketing Ploys Are Shady As Hell, But We Keep Falling For Them Every Time

Money is like a drug on our brains, but instead of saving it, we want to spend it. Now we all know we’re being manipulated every time we shop at a store, from a catalog, or online. But it can be mildly traumatizing to see how decoy pricing and catalog manipulation can get us every single time. Even when we try to be strong, we always end up drowning our credit cards in debt!


Ads Versus Reality Pinterest

Food photographers will sprinkle water on the surface of vegetables and hamburgers to make them glisten with freshness and make them more appealing. This tempts us into making an unplanned purchase that looks more like it came from a dumpster.


Reverse Psychology Slogans Giphy

The more you hear or read the word no, the more you want to say yes. Case in point, Volkswagen’s slogans are always using anti-advertising campaigns telling you why they can’t sell you a car, so that you’ll rush on over to the dealer and buy yourself one.


The Overpriced Ploy Travel Addicts

The most expensive product is displayed first, while the less expensive one is displayed last. But the fact is that all the products are about the same, they’re simply priced differently, but because people tend to view a pricier product with better quality, customers will spend more when they don’t really have to.


Falling For Decoy Pricing Pinterest

A decoy-priced product tries to make other products look reasonably priced, but in reality, the notion of what’s considered expensive is relative, and manages to force customers to make what they think is the right decision, when in fact, it’s not. That’s how you end up turning into Carrie from Sex and the city, even though you went into the store only looking for gum. 


Rolled Back Pricing Deception Stylist

You know how certain retailers claim that they’re rolling the prices back at a bargain? But many people don’t realize that the original price is often inflated by 20 percent and then they’ll provide you a seemingly amazing discount, or the discount is really about a cent less than the original cost, but you still see it as a bargain. DON’T let these mofos win! Analyze the product carefully. You can always get it at a cheaper price if you buy it online! 


Size Really Does Matter University Primetime

Some big brand producers will sell you a product that’s been reduced in size or quantity, but rarely do you compare it with the original regular sized product. If you did, then you’d notice that the price difference isn’t all that significant. In other words, you’ve been gypped.


The Gruen Effect Seattle Pi

Architect Victor Gruen designed the maze-like supermarket we’re familiar with, and it was created to put people in a light trance, to make them forget about the real purpose of their visit. This causes us to make more impulsive purchases and waste a whole lot more of the cash we don’t really have.


Those Large Shopping Carts PBS

Do you ever wonder why the size of shopping carts increased over the years? That’s because customers with larger carts tend to spend 40 percent more. In the case of smaller baskets, personnel will intentionally position these near non-essential foods to provoke you to buy more.


The Anthropomorphic Trick Entrepreneur

Brands often use animal mascots that consumers will love so that a product can become more appealing. That’s the nature of anthropomorphism, because is strengthens the consumer’s trust in the product, which leads you to buy it, regardless of the cost. In reality, you got played like a mad fool. 


The Crafty Product Layout Visit WPB

Less well-known products are often placed on the top shelves, while the middle shelves offer a more advertised selection, and the bottom shelves hold virtually unknown or generic products as well. So next time you go shopping, avoid the middle and go to the top, or the bottom to avoid getting caught on this hook and spending all your hard-earned dough on random crap you more often than not, could totally do without!