These Adult Theme Parks Are So Freaking Cool, You'll Give Up Disney For Good

Bye, bye Disneyland and hello City of Wine, we adults need to have some fun too and these bizarre and cool adult-themed parks are exactly what we need.

Posted on: June 15, 2017

These Adult Theme Parks Are So Freaking Cool, You'll Give Up Disney For Good

Who said adults don’t know how to have fun? We all like to let loose sometimes and leave our worries, (and, ahem, children) behind for a while. It’s what doctors recommend! Why wouldn’t  they? They’re adults and need to vent and chillax every once in a while too.From booze-induced parks to erotic art, the world of adult entertainment needs to be restored. Nowadays everything seems to be about the kids, but if parents need to have fun even more so than the little ones.


Cite du Vin The Drinks Business

A paradise for winelovers, the City of Wine in Bordeaux will surely not disappoint you. There’s alcohol, period. So if hitting the wine bottle isn’t really your thing, then you might want to skip this one. For wine lovers around the world though, it’s like Disney, only everyone’s drunk. From exhibitions and historical aspects to a simulated boat ride, you’ll surely need a designated driver to get home after so much fun!


Loveland, An Erotic Theme Park Pinterest

This erotic theme park in South Korea was made by students from the Hongik University in Seoul who wanted to break the taboos of sex and relationships.Through their magnificent and erotic sculptures, they seek to highlight the natural beauty of sex. Hum, we see it! Loud and clear.


Chamber of Horrors Daily Bhaskar

An extreme Haunted House in Atlanta freaks the many naive onlookers who think this is child’s play. It’s as creepy as the dresser who worked for the The Walking Dead was able to make it. And if you’re familiar with the show, then you know it’s beyond creepy!


Erotikaland Enterastro

The Brazilian take on traditional amusement parks is like Disney, mixed with Freud, Alfred Kinsley, and Annie Sprinkle’s ideology. Erotikaland ill feature “7D” cinema, complete with vibrating seats, nudist pools, and penis-shaped bumper cars. While you can get really frisky and playful in this park, having sex at the park will be 100% forbidden when it opens its doors in 2018.


Amora, The Museum Of Love Joya

This quirky museum of love and relationships ran for 15 whole months in London. The experience was quite handsy, (if you know what I mean) and you can interact with the sculptures (and its private parts!) as much as you want while you learn all there is to learn about love, sex, and relationships.


Haesindang Park Group Think

Back to South Korea, only in this case the park is way more blunt. The phallic nature of its statues will make you wonder whether you are in the right place or not. But at Haesindang park, also known as the penis park, you’ll have a hard time keeping it together, (pun intended)


BH Mallorca Twitter

If your children misbehave in water parks you can just leave them at home with aunt Susan and go to this one all by yourself. In the adults-only Hotel BH Mallorca you’ll get to enjoy water rides, international DJ sets and amazing suites, without the hassle of the city, but most importantly, without annoying and pesky crying kids!


The Naked Roller Coaster DivyaBhaskar

What better way to break a Guinness World Record and donate to charity than by getting naked and riding a roller coaster? This event was held at Adventure Island, in Southend, England, and sought to raise money for the Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation’s Keyhole Cancer Appeal. They got over $10,000 pounds and turned a lot of heads.


A Ciegas Gourmet ViaResto

This restaurant in Buenos Aires features a 6 course meal with a major culinary plot twist: you’ll get to feast on the delicious cuisine it in complete darkness. That way, the restaurant claims you can experience all the flavors even better. There’s also musical shows and theater, if that doesn’t do it for you!