These Are The Places To Visit When You're Poor AF

If you’re traveling on a budget, these accommodation destinations won’t break the bank.

Posted on: April 26, 2017

These Are The Places To Visit When You're Poor AF

Traveling around the world is becoming more of a necessity. Youngsters have a special thirst for exploring new places and pleasing their wanderlust, but unfortunately, (as with everything) it takes money. If you’re a student or simply a fellow with a serious need to travel and not enough cash, don’t you worry. Here are some of the most affordable locations to travel on a budget.


Thailand Thai Embassy

Actually, any location in Asia attracts young travelers for its cheap prices. If you’re far away, you might spend a bit more on airplane tickets but the rest is ridiculously affordable—we’re talking no more than $2 USD for a complete meal.


India Pinterest

Avoid the larger, popular cities and you’ll still catch the essence of India without the high prices. Enjoy delicious Indian cuisine and look for the most affordable accommodation options—there’s plenty to choose from.


South Korea Somang Hockey

With pristine beaches and a cuisine worth exploring, Seoul is a great destination to visit. Sure, it might not be popular like Tokyo or China, but this city has the best of the Asian culture at prices that won’t break the bank.


Bolivia Youtube

South America houses many stunning destinations and it’s famous for its cultural richness. Bolivia is one of the most inexpensive countries to explore just that. Drinks cost almost half what they do in your home country!


Germany Traveling Europe

Munich, to be precise. Ever wanted to live the real Oktoberfest experience? You might think it will cost you a fortune because of its popularity, but treats are 10 times bigger and super cheap, and a hostel dorm won’t cost more than 5 euros! It might sound obvious, but you should visit in October.


Hungary Land Lopers

Travelling to Hungary? Known as the cheapest place to drink in Europe, Budapest is the go-to destination for students. You can share a room with other fellow travelers or you can crash at a local’s apartment; they might even take you for a tour of the city and treat you to some of the local food!


Czech Republic Youtube

Prague boasts the same nightlife cost as Budapest, a similar feel to Amsterdam, and the most amazing night clubs in Europe. Enjoy spectacular nights without losing all your savings in the Czech Republic—or should we call it the Cheap Republic?


Croatia Croatia Week

It might not be the cheapest country in Europe, but some of their cities like Split are great student locations. Book a room at Hostel Fiesta Siesta for cheap rates and free shots in their in-site club.


Portugal NH Hotels

It might not be the most popular European city in your Eurotrip dream, we get it. But Lisbon boasts great weather all year round and super low prices thanks to its low cost of living in general.


Spain Pinterest

We’re not talking about eccentric Ibiza, but most cities in Spain attract students for its reasonable prices. Madrid not only offers low-priced accommodation for students, but it is also one of the best base points from which to travel affordably to other European locations. No Spain, no gain.