These Celebrities Got Caught On Social Media, But Ended Up Proving They're Just As Human As All Of Us

Even celebrities mess up, but they probably do it on Twitter just to entertainment us all.

Posted on: October 19, 2017

These Celebrities Got Caught On Social Media, But Ended Up Proving They're Just As Human As All Of Us

Nothing’s more embarrassing than when an epic fail goes viral. Just ask any celebrity who has ever posted something on social media, and it’s been blown way out of proportion or wound up not being true. Fortunately, most celebrities, like these ten, have a massive number of loyal followers who take comfort in knowing that their idols are human too.


The Homemade Fib Great Ideas

Oh, Khloe! We love her like we do everyone else in the Kardashian Klan. But she learned a valuable lesson when she posted a photo on Instagram of some delicious baked goods. The only problem was that they came from a well-known Hollywood bakery called Sweet Lady Jane. But she tried to pass them off as food items she’d made with her own two hands.


Leave The Bunnies Alone Miss Open

Singer and actress, Bella Thorne proudly flaunted her new jacket on Instagram, but made it clear that it wasn’t real fur. Well, it didn’t take haters too long to notice that the jacket looked a lot like the Alice & Olivia Tierra Striped Fur Jacket, which is actually made from real rabbits. But when in doubt, deny everything!


Corn on the Cob A Todo Momento

When Britney sings, or performs on stage, our hearts flutter. When she’s in the midst of a scandal, we worry. But when she stole a photo of grilled Mexican corn from Google search and tried passing it off as her own, we all laughed at how silly she can be sometimes. But we love you anyway, Britney!


Blame the Baby Lailas Blog

It’s okay to feel self-conscious when you’re preggers. Just ask Kim Kardashian, who felt a bit down when she was pregnant with her son, Saint, and posted an old photo of herself wearing a beautiful bikini. But rather than owning up to the oopsie, she blamed her other kid, North for posting it. But honestly, folks! This is the kind of behavior that makes us love Kim even more


THE Un-Belieb-Able Jet Krone

We know Justin Bieber’s a hit, and he’s probably earned himself enough money in his young life to afford a real jet. But somehow, even his most faithful fans had a tough time swallowing this pill when he claimed he bought himself a private jet. Guess he turned his “Beliebers” into “non-Beliebers”.


No More Drama Please Holy Taco

Infamous blogger to the stars, Perez Hilton, wanted a little attention for himself. But don’t we all crave that from time to time? So, he took some photos of himself, posted it online and claimed that he needed to file a police report after allegedly beat him up. This prompted the musician to set the record straight. On the plus side, this got to setup a Twitter account. So, thank you, Perez!


No retweets Daily Mail

With a new album in the works, singer, actress, and model, Rita Ora, decided she’d tried to boost her Twitter engagement by promising to drop a new song the following Monday if she got 100k retweets.  Unfortunately, she didn’t get anywhere near that number, so she saved her reputation by claiming her Twitter account had been hacked. Nice one, Rita!


Curvy Booty Gossip Rocks

Photoshop has been known to give celebs a quick, affordable, and pain-free solution to plastic surgery. Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan went a little overboard and didn’t notice the rippling effect on the door’s threshold caused by too much Photoshopping. But at least she learned her lesson, and will probably stir clear of Photoshop. Then again, Lindsay always manages to surprise us.


Cold, White Cash Vlad Tv

When rapper Soulja Boy posted a picture of himself with a giant wad of cash, we were really impressed, and maybe a bit jealous. But it didn’t take long for someone to notice something wasn’t quite right with the money, like for example, the fact that money is green, and not white.


Calling Out Bow Wow Naira Land

Lil’ Bow Wow is still as endearing as a grown man as he was when he made his debut at 13. But he’s an adult now, and nothing says grown-up better than owning a private yet, right? Maybe, but you actually have to own one first. More importantly, you have to make sure a fan doesn’t take a photo of you and call you out on social media when they see you aboard a commercial flight.