These Celebrities Learned These 10 Life Lessons The Hard Way But Ended Up Teaching Us So Much!

Celebrities aren’t perfect, and they make the same mistakes we do (although on a larger scale).

Posted on: June 14, 2017

These Celebrities Learned These 10 Life Lessons The Hard Way But Ended Up Teaching Us So Much!

Celebrities do more than just entertain us, they also serve as a mirror to teach us about ourselves, society, culture, and human behavior. We tend to put them on a pedestal but they’re just like everyone else, (except with tons of money!) But they make mistakes and learn the hard way, just like us. The rich and famous may screw up on a larger scale, but we can all learn a thing or two about life thanks to these adorable and somewhat troubled stars.


Choose Your Friends Wisely Daily Mail

Do you remember how popular Elisha Cuthbert used to be? The former 24 star was the sexiest It girl in the mid 2000s—she had talent and beauty. Her star was shining bright and big things were expected of her…until she became friends with Paris Hilton. Elisha’s friendship with the wild socialite was, at the time, the death knell of her career. She partied too much and the industry didn’t take her seriously for it. Paris’s bad reputation carried over to Elisha.Now Elisha is no longer friends with Paris, having learned the hard way that others won’t take you seriously if you don’t have much to offer, other than partying! 


Be True To Yourself The Talko

Everyone can learn a lesson or two from comedian/actress Amy Schumer. The hilarious performer makes no attempt to soften her brash, sexually explicit, and irreverent humor. She has unapologetically showed us society’s double standards (hum, shocker!) when it comes to what’s acceptable in men’s humor compared to women’s. Amy is proof that trying to fit into a mold doesn’t work, and being yourself is the best career path for everyone. Plus, she’s effin hilarious!


Looks Aren’t Everything Pinterest

Heidi Montag was a household name when she appeared on the hit reality show The Hills. We LOVED to hate on her relationship with Spencer Pratt, but damn it, we were hooked on this duo! Heidi is today a totally different person, barely resembling her former old self. And that’s exactly what she wanted, at least for a while! Montag is famous for having had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day. She was only 23 years old at the time and had her breasts, ears, and nose worked on, to name a few. In a candid interview, she revealed how she regretted getting so much work done and wishes she would’ve saved the money and focus on something other than “being perfect”. Take note, chronic complainers!


Think Of The Consequences Prensa Libre

Oh Lindsay (sigh). Where did it all go wrong? Actress Lindsay Lohan was a superstar from a very young age with some serious acting talent. At the height of her career it seemed the paparazzi couldn’t get enough of her, and she couldn’t get enough of the attention. The WRONG attention, cough, cough. She made some crappy decisions, like choosing partying over showing up for work. Her party lifestyle killed her rep as an actress and she was seen as unreliable and washed up. Now Lindsay has matured and left her wild days behind, but Hollywood is wary to trust her again. Given enough time, we’re pretty sure she can make amends with the Hollywood peeps she let down.


Don’t Be Attention Hungry Cartoon Mix

Why, of course getting attention is gorge! There’s nothing wrong with being popular or the life of the party, but you certainly don’t want to be that clown that makes everyone roll their eyes with disgust. There’s a fine line! Look at Miley Cyrus who seems to feed off of being outrageous and shocking, from her clothes to her sexual twerking , to videos of her jacking off. Miley’s antics have overshadowed her amazing singing talent. Being attention hungry won’t earn you any respect; instead people will just write you off. Thankfully, she can always grow out of it!


Know When To Get Help WallPapers

It’s not healthy to deal with your problems on your own, as actress Amanda Bynes has learned. The young star has had her share of problems with bad relationships, drugs, and mental health issues, (cut to her wearing a raggedy wig, dissing Rihanna on social media while claiming she’s too hot for show biz.) Unfortunately for Amanda, it was all under public scrutiny. If you’re suffering alone in silence, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to reach out for help. Speak up before your meltdown ends up destroying every friendship you had.


Keep Your Personal And Professional Lives Separate Cele Buzz

Have you heard the adage “Don’t get your honey where you get your money”? Yeah, it means exactly what you think it means. Twilight actress Kristen Stewart discovered this too late, after she had an affair with her director, Rupert Sanders, while she was dating Robert Pattinson. The director happened to be married and a father, and both suffered serious backlash for it and their reputations were destroyed, at least for a while. While she’s still working, getting roles, and doing her own thing, the scandal did manage to put her career on hiatus at least for a while. Better think with your upstairs head instead of your downstairs one.


Keep Your Cool In Public MkCulture

Hey, you can do anything you want, unless it’s illegal or not consensual! But if you rant or have a public meltdown, you might end up regretting it Britney Spears, whose infamous epic breakdowns hit the news faster than she shaved her head. While she certainly had her reasons for losing it (she was in a custody battle and had an undisclosed mental illness) things got even worse for her when she lost control in public. Brit was a pro at shaping her image, but if you’re thinking of blowing up and ranting in a massive way, you better have the backbone to plan your comeback, as people might not trust you until you prove you’re back to your old sane self.


Stay Strong And Rise Bussiness Insider

Singer Kesha has had her fair share of troubles. She came from an unstable childhood where money was tight, and her mom relied on food stamps and welfare to take care of Kesha and her brother. But she didn’t let her background bring her down and she went on to become a popular singer-songwriter. In 2014 she waged a legal battle against her producer, Dr. Luke, for allegedly abusing her. Despite some legal setbacks, Kesha is sticking to her guns and fighting for justice. We can all learn from her that no matter where we came from or what our past was like, we can rise above it. Stay firm in your convictions, hold on tight to your dreams, and keep looking forward. Oh, and never let the haters win!