These Hot Celebrities Used To Be Ugly Ducklings That Turned Into Some Hot AF Swans

Because not all celebrities were born famous and beautiful.

Posted on: May 17, 2017

These Hot Celebrities Used To Be Ugly Ducklings That Turned Into Some Hot AF Swans

We all have insecurities; anything from how big our noses are to our current weight. We usually tend to look up to famous celebrities for fashion and beauty inspiration, but did you know that not all artists used to be as pretty as they are today? That’s right. Check out which celebrities used to look like ugly ducklings before hitting the fame spotlight.


Chris Pratt 24warez

It’s hard to believe that this bombshell was ever insecure about his looks. Well, it probably has to do with the unfortunate glasses, sloppy hair-do, and lack of a six-pack back in his younger years. He’s got the looks now!


Katy Perry

One of the industry’s most in-demand singer, Katy Perry wasn’t as feminine in 1999. Even though she claims not having the perfect body, she now left behind Spanx underwear and became a beauty icon.


David Beckham RevistaClass

Back in 1995, David was so devoted to soccer that he didn’t pay much attention to his careless hairstyle or his common teenage zits. Now that he’s an admired soccer star, he gives his fans the best-looking version of himself.


Shakira Etosblog

Unibrow, bad earrings and careless makeup. You would’ve never imagined those three descriptions belonged to Shakira back in the days—her 90s looks definitely don’t lie. Now she impresses with her concert outfits and stunning appearance.


Justin Timberlake Sarotiko

Teenage years can be confusing because you’re still looking for an identity. Case in point: Justin Timberlake. In this 1996-picture, he shows us the most immature version of himself as an artist, with ridiculous earrings and a bad hair dye. Thank god he outgrew that Justin time!


Rihanna Lifestyle.framar

Who would’ve thought Rihanna was ashamed of her looks back in her teens? Around 1998, her hair was a mess and her skin was totally overlooked. We totally get you, Rihanna; we all have a few growing pains along the way.


Adam Levine Myslo

Shapeless, long hair wasn’t probably the best decision Adam took in his life. After a few years into fame, the singer has learned to keep a sharper look—he kind of owes it to his female fans after all.


Demi Moore

Believe it or not, Demi used to suffer from strabismus—A.K.A., crossed eyes. After surgery and a lot of dedication into her self-image, she has become the indisputable sex symbol we know today—we definitely want to see Moore of her like this!


Kate Hudson Taringa

Blonde hair. Deep green eyes. Cherry lips. Every little girl’s fantasy, right? Kate has got it all and more now; but back in her younger years, she had quite an ordinary appearance that wouldn’t have made her stand out as much today.


January Jones BrightSide

What? January had that hair in 1989? Thank god she grew up to improve that look and her gapped teeth. Her secret? Staying away from plastic surgery and only resorting to a few tricks here and there to preserve her clear natural beauty—which wasn’t so clear as a kid.