These Parenting Tips Will Help Keep Your Children Safe On a Budget

Everyday objects can put your kids in danger, so learn how to kid-proof your house on a budget.

Posted on: May 10, 2017

These Parenting Tips Will Help Keep Your Children Safe On a Budget

Parenting is tough; that’s a no brainer. Kids have so much energy, they will squeeze yours out throughout the day without you even noticing it. With so much to take care, a few simple parenting hacks come in handy to keep everything under control. Check out these safety tips to look after your kids and keep them safe and sound 24/7.


Bumper to Bumper Pinterest

Babies tend to fall often, so keep their cribs bump free with an easy DIY bumper on the edges. It’s easy and inexpensive, and it will also probably protect the crib and keep your baby away from possible splinters.


Slamming Fingers Myrtle Beach Birth Services

Little kids don’t have full control of their bodies just yet, so slamming their fingers in the door is commonplace. Cut the screaming by placing one of those pool noodles in the edge of the door, and you will all be safe from all the potential pain.


Into the Cabinets Webtretho

Cabinets attract kids because of the million things they can find in there, but many can be dangerous. Keep them from opening them by putting an elastic band in the knobs so kids stay away from getting hurt—or making a huge mess.


Slippery Business ViralGallerySite

Taking a bath is probably a kid’s worst nightmare—unless they can take their toys with them. It’s all fun and games until toys slip around and when kids try to retrieve them, they run the risk of hitting their heads in the faucet. Put toys in a laundry basket so they are all in one place and within easy reach.


Who Let the Cords Out Chunkcharm

When kids start crawling, they reach more objects that might be in sight: yes, including the dangerous power outlets. Put surge protectors and extension cords inside a plastic bin and cut a hole to let the cords out—easy and within your budget.


Spill the Beads Geb.ebay

It’s hard to keep your kids in sight every single second, especially when you’re out in public. DIY a cute bracelet with your phone number on it for a cute yet safe accessory that will protect them in case you lose them.


Rolling Around World Inside Pictures

For some reason, kids—and pets—love to play with the toilet paper roll. Stop overspending on paper and place a hair band to prevent them from unraveling the whole roll all at once.


Knob Gonna Happen Thislovelylife-blog

Kids don’t have any sense of privacy yet, so we bring you an easy hack to stop them from opening any door they want. Place a cover—that you can DIY—or a plastic bin to prevent them from turning any knob they come across.


Down to Earth Biglike

Onesies make babies look adorable as hell but they can also help you with safety. Add a piece of fabric between the legs to keep them from climbing out and potentially falling—and waking you up yet again.


Sink Inside the Box Diybuddy

Under the sink is a great hideout for those cleaning products that are within reach. Place them inside plastic containers and pile them up—they won’t go through the trouble of opening them, trust us.